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Tag: goodwill

Australian ambulance to grant patients’ dying wishes

The Australian-first initiative is modelled on a similar programme run in the Netherlands.

China considers buying US farm products to show goodwill

China intends to buy American farm products such as soybeans, corn and pork as a gesture of goodwill amid trade talks.

Time for all of us to ‘bangkit’, not just the Malays

The “Melayu Bangkit” rally would have been more useful if the organisers had galvanised the Malays to make full use of government initiatives to help uplift the Bumiputeras.

6th reported explosion in Texas unrelated to bombings

The Austin police department says the explosion was caused by "an incendiary device," not a package bomb.

Bond girl Yeoh praises Najib for helping Rohingya

The UN goodwill ambassador says Malaysia has done amazing work to help the Rohingya face suffering and oppression in Myanmar.