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Tag: Gopal Sri Ram

Extending tenure of chief justice unconstitutional, says retired judge

Any judge of the superior courts can only remain in office up to 66 years plus six months, says Sri Ram.

Izin Majlis Raja-raja perlu untuk pinda undang-undang syariah

Rakyat berhak menyuarakan kebimbangan mereka. Akta 355 bukan hak eksklusif Hadi Awang. Kalau dia berfikir demikian, maka dia salah di sisi perlembagaan

Rulers’ consent needed to amend shariah laws, says ex-judge

Every Malaysian has the right to express his concern over Hadi’s bill and if Hadi Awang thinks it is his exclusive domain, he is constitutionally wrong, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Sarawak timber firm says Federal Court ruling breaches constitution

Company director says 5-man bench did not feature a judge with 'Bornean judicial experience' as stated by special report prior to the formation of Malaysia.

Wrong to say judges ‘soft’ on graft offenders, say legal minds

Disagreeing with Anti-Corruption Advisory Board member’s statement that judges are ‘soft’ in corruption cases, retired judge and lawyers insist sentencing is the prerogative of judges.

Dr M’s aide backs ex-CJ on Islamic law’s status

But Islam forbids the act of compelling non-Muslims to adopt Islamic values, says Haniff Khatri.

Ahmad Fairuz’s stand on Islamic law misplaced, says retired judge

Gopal Sri Ram says ex-CJ overlooked a Supreme Court ruling in 1988 that held a law inconsistent with Islamic scriptures to be valid because Malaysia has a secular constitution.

Sri Ram: Dissenting views reflect independence of judges

Supporting the call by Sultan Nazrin Shah, former judge says dissenting requires writing good reasons for not agreeing with the majority.

Superior court judges will still do High Court case distribution

Chief Judge of Malaya says with 90 judges, judicial commissioners under him, he needs assistance from Federal Court, Court of Appeal judges to manage lower courts.

Article 121 amendment illegal, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says changes in 1988, which effectively removed the independence of the judiciary, is illegal because it cuts across basic structure of written Federal Constitution.

‘Sarawak native land ruling does not cover other states’

Each region is governed by its own statutes, says former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram.

Former judge NH Chan dies at 81

He was a man of fearless integrity and used to call up files from lower courts to correct injustices, says retired Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram.

Sri Ram says JC appointments may affect quality of justice

Judicial independence may be questioned if appointed Judicial Commissioners are seen favouring the establishment to win confirmation, says retired judge Gopal Sri Ram.

Amaran KSN larang sertai perhimpunan melampau, kata bekas hakim

Apa-apa tindak balas perundangan perlu bersesuaian, kata Gopal Sri Ram yang mempersoalkan ugutan terhadap penjawat awam.

Chief Secretary’s threat void, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram defends the constitutional right of civil servants to attend peaceful rallies.

Let new judge hear Maria’s suit against Jamal

No need for speculation over reasons behind change in the judge presiding over case, says former Malaysian Bar president Zainur Zakaria.

Ex-judges: Malanjum ideal for CJ’s post

They say the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak has all the qualifications necessary to take over from Arifin Zakaria.

Peguam Anwar beritahu mahkamah sabitan liwat bukti konspirasi

Tengku Shariffuddin dalam afidavitnya menjelaskan, PMO menyediakan 2 set kenyataan akhbar berhubung kes Anwar yang disabit kesalahan atau dibebaskan, memandangkan ia adalah kes membabitkan kepentingan awam.