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Tag: government machinery

Bersih raps Warisan over use of govt assets on campaign trail

It refers to a video since taken down from Instagram showing a campaign team from Warisan heading for Pulau Berhala on police boats operated by police personnel.

Guan Eng may have done a Najib in Sandakan speech, says...

The election reforms group urges the finance minister to explain remarks that he could include a car park project in the next budget.

Bersih insists okay to announce Sandakan projects but wrong to use...

The electoral watchdog responds to accusations that it is biased in not condemning the finance minister.

PKR vows not to use govt machinery in Rantau

This comes hours after state cars were seen at nomination centre.

Bersih questions Syed Saddiq’s ‘working visit’ to Semenyih ahead of polls

The electoral reforms group says the new government must clearly separate the party and government.

Deputy minister asked for department vehicle for trip to Camerons village,...

In a police report filed in Raub, the officer says he was asked by a deputy minister to hand over the keys to the vehicle.

Pahang says 4WD loaned to deputy minister but abused for PH...

The BN-led state government says it is taking back the vehicle.

The illusion of power in post-Reformasi Malaysia

Real political power no longer lies in the Cabinet meeting room, ministries or even the Parliament building – it lies out there, among the people.

Kit Siang’s aide questions sudden government allocation in Port Dickson

This comes after the Ministry of Defence says half-a-million ringgit is being spent to improve facilities for soldiers.

Anwar pledges ‘clean’ campaign in PD without govt machinery

He says the party will not make use of government machinery despite the many Cabinet posts filled by its leaders.