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Tag: government shutdown

US lawmakers reach tentative deal to avoid govt shutdown

It is far from clear if the president will embrace the agreement.

Talks collapse on border deal as US govt shutdown looms

Efforts to resolve the dispute over border security funding extended into the weekend as a special congressional negotiating panel aimed to reach a deal by today.

US shutdown costs pegged at US$3 billion as govt reopens

More significant effects will be felt by individual businesses and workers, particularly those who scrambled to make ends after not being paid.

As US government reopens, lawmakers say shutdowns don’t work

legislators say the latest shutdown is as ineffective as previous ones but much more disruptive as it is the longest in US history.

US govt shutdown threatens rollout of new car models, say automakers

The shutdown has left over 800,000 federal agency workers without pay.

Senate blocks measures to end US shutdown

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is willing to meet with the US president to discuss the shutdown.

Asian markets rise as investors track trade talks, US shutdown

Investors still worry about the upcoming challenges as China's struggles to revive its economy and Trump facing a government shutdown.

Locked out of House by Pelosi, Trump vows State of Union...

The clash between 2 of Washington's most powerful leaders escalates the standoff that has partly closed the government for 33 days.

Trump vows not to ‘cave’ on 32nd day of govt shutdown

Democrats say the president's campaign against illegal immigration of ignoring more complex humanitarian issues on the border and stoking xenophobia.

Trump offers protection for immigrants in US in exchange for wall...

Trump's proposal to end the 29-day partial shutdown of the US government appeared dead on arrival, with the top Democrat in Congress rejecting the proposal.

As shutdown lingers, Pelosi urges Trump to reschedule State of the...

Trump initially said he would take responsibility for the shutdown but later shifted blame to Democrats.

Cornered Trump running out of options to end govt shutdown

The impasse has left 800,000 federal employees without pay.

US national park closes amid govt shutdown

The president has vowed to keep the government partially closed until Congress approves funding for an expanded barrier along the US border with Mexico.

Trump ramps up Mexico wall row with speech, border visit

Invoking emergency powers will potentially be an alternative, allowing the US president to get around Congress's control of the budget.

Trump digs in on wall as shutdown enters 3rd week

The US president again warns he may invoke emergency powers to get a wall built without congressional approval.

US House passes bills to end shutdown, ignores Trump veto threat

New House speaker Nancy Pelosi is adamant no funding for a border wall will be made available.

US govt shutdown leaves would-be newlyweds standing at the altar

Donald Trump has refused to sign off on a slew of government funding bills until he receives money for his southern border wall.

Trump: Shutdown could last a ‘long time’

The US president is prepared to hold out 'as long as it takes' to secure the money he is seeking for the border wall.

Volunteers strive to stave off shutdown chaos at US parks

Since the shutdown began, dozens of volunteers have been travelling to the park to clean overused bathrooms, remove mounting piles of garbage and carry out other, equally unfragrant work.

US govt shutdown to extend into next week after Senate adjourns

Opponents of the US president accuse him of exaggerating the danger from illegal immigration for his own political gain.

US workers fret at making ends meet as govt shutdown persists

After past shutdowns, Congress quickly ensured that federal workers were retroactively paid.

US govt shutdown threat surges as Trump rejects stopgap solution

Democrats have stood firm, saying they will not support a spending measure that funds Trump's wall.

Govt shutdown threat remains as US Democrats reject Trump bid

Republicans presently control Congress, including 51 seats in the 100-member Senate.

Washington careens towards govt shutdown with no deal in sight

Should a government shutdown occur, it will be relatively limited, as Congress has already funded most government operations through Sept 2019.