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Malaysia Competition Commission monitoring cement prices

MyCC CEO urges public to lodge complaints if they encounter 'suspicious conduct' in cement industry.

Facebook says CEO did not ignore personal data issues

Facebook denies Zuckerberg or any other Facebook employee knowingly violate the company's obligations under the FTC consent order nor do any emails exist that indicate they did.

Why the Overnight Policy Rate affects Malaysians’ pockets

How does a change in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) affect your financial standing?

Thailand’s pro-army party invites opponents to join new govt

If the two parties join the Democratic Front, it will give the pro-army coalition a slim majority in the House of Representatives.

Sudan army rulers, protesters plan more talks after no agreement

Both sides have been at loggerheads over the new governing body that would rule Sudan for a three-year transitional period.

Thai anti-junta leader says ‘no giving up’ on forming next government

Results showed Palang Pracharat winning 115 seats in the 500-member lower House of Representatives.

Netanyahu gets more time to form new Israel government

Israeli law says that after the first four weeks of political bargaining a further 14 days is granted by the president on request.

PH risking support by continuing many BN policies, says analyst

Economist Firdaos Rosli says Putrajaya needs a new economic narrative but admits that it cannot change too many things too fast.

Cops bust fake medical cert syndicate, nab 6

KL police also seize items used in making the fake medical certificates from three houses and a printing shop.

Most Sri Lanka Islamist radicals killed or arrested

Wickremesinghe says that some of the suspects took their lives when confronted by security forces.

Adib inquest puzzle: Why did ministry call its own expert?

A lawyer says it was unbecoming for the housing and local govrnment ministry to bring its own expert to scrutinise a report by a HKL pathologist.

PH needs another 6 months to put country back on track,...

The former finance minister says people need to understand Malaysia's economic and financial situation.

Visa ranks Malaysia at 19th in govt e-payments adoption

Malaysia had one of the highest scores in Southeast Asia.

Does RCI stand for Royal Cosmetic Institution?

RCIs in the country have failed to deliver justice to aggrieved parties, while the government continues to ignore its recommendations.

7 govt housing schemes first-time buyers must check out

Here are seven government housing schemes you can consider applying for, based on your location or income level.

Zuckerberg wants ‘more active’ govt role regulating internet

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will support more countries in the adoption of rules in line with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

Dangerous situations call for urgent consultation

A fair solution can only be reached if a meeting is held at the land office and is facilitated by the authorities, and attended by a state government representative.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

Home minister has no power to ban books on Islam, court...

Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) is seeking a court order to declare the ban on its three publications null and void.

Courts have no power to review decision on citizenship applications, hearing...

Lawyer for the home ministry tells High Court those whose citizenship applications have been rejected can apply again, in a case brought by a girl against the government’s rejection of her application.

Finland govt resigns

The move came after it failed to push through crucial heath and social care reforms.

District offices help in cash payment of BSH to rural recipients,...

The financial aid is being given to rural recipients at 31 locations in Sarawak.

French ‘yellow vests’ marching for everyone, protester says as support falls

A poll this week shows dwindling support for the demonstrations, named for motorists' high-visibility jackets, which began in November over fuel taxes.

Indian govt: US backs India’s right to self-defence over Kashmir attack

India's government says it had evidence the group, Jaish-e-Mohammad, had the backing of Pakistan and demanded Islamabad take action.