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Match courses with jobs to reduce jobless grads, says TalentCorp

TalentCorp manager of industry partnerships Noor Asmaliza Romlee says these shortages are being filled by foreign experts.

Better a clown than being jobless, says graduate Azmil

The 24-year-old Sabahan says he used to be embarrassed but at the end of the day, he is earning a living.

Decadence in academe

There is a trend to separate human development from economic growth and nation building.

Don’t pamper graduate job-seekers, says economist

Ramon Navaratnam says the government should ignore a proposal to subsidise starting salaries and should look after its finances instead.

Wan Azizah: We’ll look into salaries of grads in govt service

Deputy PM says the federal government will take note of Bank Negara's report showing the falling value of starting salaries.

Ask bosses why graduates get less now, says Maszlee

Education Ministry to give its view 'at right time' on Bank Negara's finding that starting salaries are lower than in 2010.

Expect more to be jobless until end 2020, says employers’ body

MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan says local graduates need to upgrade their skills if they want to be employed, noting that the economy will continue to be sluggish.

Number of unemployed youths down by 1% end 2018, Dewan Rakyat...

However, Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar says, the number of unemployed graduates went up slightly compared with the same three months the previous year.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

Be yourself and you’ll get the job, HR expert tells jobseekers

Clayton Tan says sometimes resumes are written by career centres which also coach applicants on how to answer questions but when successful applicants start work, their true worth is out in the open.

Graduates must hone their soft skills if they want jobs

While many are equipped with hard skills gained from their studies, they may lack soft skills such as language and communication.

Think tank: Youths happy with newfound freedom, but yearn for jobs

Iman Research finds that youths did not take the PH’s pledge to resolve certain issues within 100 days seriously but are hoping that it will fulfil these promises, especially the creation of job opportunities.

Give us incentives to hire fresh grads, employers group tells govt

The Malaysian Employers Federation says incentives will encourage employers to recruit more young people with no work experience.

What a loss to the nation when scholarship holders can’t get...

It's almost scary to see graduation photos of smiling Malaysian students when those who graduated years earlier are still struggling to secure jobs despite almost reaching their thirties.

Analysts: Anti-UEC stand shows no reform in Umno Youth

Analysts say Umno is harping on the Unified Examination Certificate and national language issues to attract conservative Malay support.

Guidebook to help institutions tailor courses to meet job needs

It will help educational institutions to produce graduates to meet market demands of the future.

Johari: Malaysia’s economy doing well despite uncertainties

The second finance minister says Malaysia secured 5.9% economic growth last year despite facing currency fluctuations and uncertainties in the commodities markets and geopolitics.

Raising minimum wage: Don’t leave out university graduates, says MTUC

MTUC president Abdul Halim Mansor says it will be unfair to raise TVET graduates’ minimum wage to RM3,500 without giving the same to other graduates with higher qualifications.

Education ministry to study NUTP’s code of ethics

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid says the proposed code of ethics is aimed at fostering better ties between teachers and parents.

Marketability of grads went up 4% in 4 years, says minister

Programme enabling students to study on campus for two years and intern with industries for another two is one of reasons for this.

‘English makes UiTM grads more marketable’

Pro-chancellor Arshad Ayub says this had made employers more keen to employ UiTM graduates than those from other universities.

China pledges ’employment first’ policies to create millions of new jobs

Meng Wei of the National and Development Reform Commission (NDRC) says China needs to create jobs for 9.7 million people registered as unemployed.

5 ways government can help youths get jobs, achieve potential

​With more and better jobs, the young​er​ generation will not only be able to survive but ​will thrive in the competitive world.

Economy better for foreign workers than graduates, says Yeo

DAP assemblywoman says government needs to address youth unemployment as well as underemployment instead of pretending that everything is fine.