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Tag: grassroots

Mukhriz: PPBM to consider grassroots’ views on ex-Umno members

The party's deputy president says some divisions are open to the idea as it means that they will have an elected representative.

Grass not greener on the other side, Najib tells party-hoppers

The former prime minister says it is only right for elected representatives to stay in the party under which they contested and won.

Pua’s ousting a ‘message’ from Selangor DAP to Guan Eng?

Political analysts say the grassroots are showing their dissatisfaction with how things are going in the party.

Saifuddin: Avoid leaders who want to build own political empires

PKR secretary-general urges candidates to avoid destructive campaigning in PKR polls.

Umno members remove flags, shut down ops room in Gua Musang

Grassroots leaders protest the dropping of Paloh veteran assemblyman and pin the blame on Tengku Razaleigh.

Hamilton on top, but concern at grassroots level in UK

Despite Lewis Hamilton's Formula One success, the high costs of karting have caused fewer people than ever before to take up the sport in the UK.

Keep William Leong in Selayang, say PKR grassroots

Despite Leong’s decision last August not to seek re-election, the grassroots leaders believe there is no other more suitable candidate to replace the two-term MP.

Hadi: I had nothing to do with my son’s rise in...

PAS president says party’s grassroots chose Muhammad Khalil to lead the youth wing.

DAP grassroots members want Kit Siang to retire, claims Rahman

Umno minister says Kit Siang should call it a day after 51 years in politics as DAP members want a more progressive and moderate leader.

Selangor PAS members may shift support, says Aziz Bari

Constitutional law expert Aziz Bari says it will be a bread and butter issue for those PAS members who are holding positions in government.