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Tag: Great Wall of China

‘Great Wall of China’: We need it to protect assets, says...

The Kuantan factory hopes the wall is not demolished because it is important in launching its 24-hour operations every day.

Airbnb pulls Great Wall overnight stay after uproar

News of the "Night At The Great Wall" contest lit up Chinese social media, with critics calling it a publicity stunt that lacked respect for the ancient monument.

Najib’s FDIs like no other, says Mahathir

Malaysians, the Pakatan Harapan chairman says, will not benefit from Najib Razak’s version of Foreign Direct Investments, as it involves selling land to foreigners and allowing them to build without using local manpower.

Houston Rockets player in Great Wall of China trouble

Brown later deleted the photo and wrote a message reading "I'm so sorry for this... I respect Chinese culture and made an honest mistake".

Chinese outrage over ‘ugly’ restoration of Great Wall

Photos posted online showed that its uneven, crumbling steps and plant growth had been replaced as far as the eye could see with a white, concrete-like cap.

Muslims in Beijing celebrate Raya with prayers, family

Large numbers perform morning prayers at the mosque despite it not being a public holiday for them today.