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Puss in Boots? How about Puss in Baju Melayu for Raya

Entrepreneur Faizulniza Puzi designs Raya-themed outfits for her cats so they can truly be part of the family during the festivities.

Probe men who take underage brides, Yeoh tells police, AG

The deputy women, family and community development minister says while grooming charges do not come from her ministry, it fully supports investigations into underage marriages.

Stop justifying sex with a child, say 2 NGOs

Cenbet and Lawyers for Liberty say indecision on part of government only encourages more child marriages and grooming by paedophiles.

5 grooming tips to make every man handsome

From dry, oily skin to overgrown beards and dirty nails, men must take it upon themselves to look well-groomed, neat and clean whenever they step out of the house.

Expenses most people forget to budget for

Always anticipate the worst and you will be better equipped to handle an unexpected event when it pops up. Here are some important expenses to budget for.

Parents claim religious teacher performed oral sex on kids

Police have detained a man for questioning over six sexual abuse reports while the Penang Education Department is carrying out an internal investigation.

Grooming is gateway to child sex trafficking as ‘seducing’ moves online

Colombian traffickers used to pose as rich, older men promising a better life; now they pretend to be poor, troubled teenagers just like the children they target.

Pakistani men assert their right to be groomed as male beauty...

Rising wages, greater exposure to global culture, the desire to be selfie-ready sees an increasing number Pakistani men becoming more metrosexual.

Milk spas and manicures: A Hong Kong dog’s life

As the city welcomes the Year of the Dog, pet owners are pushing out the boat more than ever to ensure their pooches are glossed and spritzed.