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Tourists spend RM21.4 billion in first quarter of 2019

Tourist arrivals also increased by 2.7% for the same period to 6.7 million compared with 6.5 million last year.

Swiss economy fights off global slowdown as growth surges

Swiss Gross domestic product (GDP) has risen while consumer spending is also experiencing growth.

Asian economies set to dominate 7% growth club during 2020s

India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire are expected to reach the 7% growth pace.

MIDF maintains positive outlook on automotive sector

MIDF says the decision to cut OPR rates has the potential to improved consumer spending.

McDonald’s Malaysia eyes sales of RM3 billion in 2019

This follows a record 19% growth in sales the year before.

Small businesses to hire more staff after splendid 2018 growth, says...

CPA Australia survey indicates Malaysian small businesses expect this year to be even better.

BNM pledges support for economy as it cuts GDP forecasts

It says the economy is seen expanding 4.3-4.8% this year and it has the available tools to support economy.

Expect stock market to remain lethargic, says analyst

This is partly due to the less-than excellent earnings growth of many firms, but the stock market could reach 1,730 points by mid-year, says an analyst.

China’s Xi urges financial risk prevention while seeking stable growth

Xi says it is necessary to focus on preventing risks on the basis of steady growth, while strengthening the countercyclical adjustment of fiscal policy and monetary policy.

Thai economic growth strengthens in Q4 but election could impact 2019...

Thailand will hold its general election on March 24 that might cause political uncertainty.

Finance chief: Hong Kong economy stalls amid trade dispute

Economic growth in the semi-autonomous Chinese city for the last quarter of 2018 was less than 1.5% - the weakest since the first quarter of 2016.

Bank lending for ‘real economy’ key to boost China growth, says...

The comments come a month after Sun wrote a commentary in which he argued that problems with timely capital replenishment.

Economy grew at 4.7% for 2018, says Bank Negara Malaysia

BNM governor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus paints a healthy picture of the economy, citing current account surplus and liquidity in the banking sector.

Improvements expected in Q4 2018, says economist

Yeah Kim Leng says GDP for the full year may be close to 5%.

Malaysia saw boost in exports for Q4 2018 despite worries over...

This is spurred by exports and private consumption, say economists.

2018 construction work up 5.1% to RM145.5 billion

Chief statistician credits civil engineering, special trades activities and non-residential buildings sub-sectors for positive growth.

IMF Lagarde says oil exporters have not fully recovered from oil...

Lagarde said governments in the region might be tempted to favour white elephant projects instead of investment in people and productive potential.

Currency analyst explains Thai baht’s meteoric rise against ringgit

Currency specialist says ringgit has appreciated against the greenback recently due to the underperformance of the US dollar.

Bursa Malaysia records RM224 mil profit after tax for 2018

It declares a dividend of 33.6 sen per share for the financial year, compared with 53.5 sen in 2017.

Elections to fuel Philippines’ 2019 growth, economic chief says

Philippines' chief economist says spending for the mid-term elections can add 1-2% to this year’s GDP expansion.

China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018,...

Growing signs of weakness in China are stoking worries about risks to the world economy and are weighing on profits for firms.

China revises 2017 GDP growth downward to 6.8%

Economists in China and abroad have long suspected data is massaged upward.

Saudi banks set for most growth in 4 years as rates...

Financial-institutions analysts expect the Fed to go for two rate hikes in 2019.

November trade surplus plunges on slowing exports

Total exports in November grew marginally by 1.6% from a year earlier, far short of the 6.6% forecast by economists.