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Tag: GST refunds

RM17 billion paid in income tax, GST refunds

Its minister Lim Guan Eng says RM7.6 billion went to income tax refunds while RM9.5 billion was refunded to GST registrants.

New measures, including office visits, to curb fraudulent GST claims

Companies which make claims involving millions of ringgit will be audited before the claims are processed.

PAC wraps up probe on GST repayment fund

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the committee was under the impression that RM19.4 billion was still in the government trust fund.

Guan Eng to testify next in PAC’s probe on ‘missing’ GST...

The finance minister will be called in after Nov 2.

Financial improprieties: A case for Sosma?

The non-refund of more than RM35 billion to taxpayers is an assault on the integrity of Malaysia's financial system and needs to be strictly addressed.

Guan Eng hopes to keep 2018 inflation rate at 2%, despite...

The Finance Minister highlights the impact of GST on inflation, pointing to core inflation rate falling to -0.2% in July following GST zero-rating.

Dr M: Najib should have known where money for GST refunds...

The prime minister says there must be something wrong if Najib Razak, who was also the finance minister, was unaware of the movement of the money.

Now, Guan Eng claims BN owed RM16 billion in tax refunds

The finance minister says some of the 1,653,786 cases due to a shortage of transfers from the direct tax revenue collected to the Tax Refunds Trust Fund date as far back as six years.

GST refund shortfall more than we thought, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the correct amount is RM19.2 billion, not nearly RM18 billion as announced last week.

‘Missing’ GST refunds: Just a matter of poor fiscal discipline?

The government may have spent the GST revenue, including the amount earmarked for refunds, in the course of its operations.