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US to work with new Guatemalan president on migration

Alejandro Giammattei will be under immense pressure from the US to implement a controversial migration pact, or face the threat of sanctions.

Avoiding Trump sanctions threat, Guatemala agrees to migration measures

Guatemala's new measures on reducing US asylum claims result in Donald Trump dropping an economic sanction threat.

Guatemala president calls off US meeting with Trump

The meeting, scheduled for Monday in Washington, has been pushed back over speculation about the signing of a possible deal.

Fifth Guatemalan child dies in US immigration custody

The boy fell sick and was given treatment before being found dead by Border Patrol agents.

Guatemalan presidential candidate arrested in drug-trafficking plot

Mario Estrada and another man, Juan Pablo Gonzalez, also conspired to kill unnamed rival candidates.

Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens

A surge of asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have sought to enter the United States across the southern border in recent days.

6.5-magnitude quake shakes Guatemala, Mexico

In the Mexican capital, thousands of people have been evacuated.

Nearly 1,000 Central American migrants in new caravans enter Mexico

Caravans from Central America have inflamed the debate over US immigration policy, with US President Donald Trump using the migrants to try secure backing for his plan to build a border wall on the frontier with Mexico.

UN clashes with Guatemala over anti-corruption commission

The Guatemalan president's son and brother have been accused of tax fraud as a result of the commission's investigation and are awaiting trial.

2nd Guatemalan migrant child dies in US custody

President Donald Trump has made hardline immigration policies a central plank of his presidency, drawing fire from critics who accuse him of demonising migrants for political gain.

She was healthy, well-hydrated before death at border, says Guatemalan girl’s...

Neither the father nor other family members cast blame on US border authorities in their first statements about the tragedy.

7-year-old Guatemalan girl dies in US custody

The girl died of 'dehydration and shock'.

Thousands evacuated as Guatemala volcano erupts, then stops

As the volcano's activity fell back to normal parameters, evacuees were asked for the sake of cautiousness to return home on Tuesday by bus.

Guatemala volcano erupts again, nearly 3,000 flee

A spokesman for Guatemala's disaster management agency CONRED said 2,995 residents in the municipality of Escuintla and two other districts were moved to shelters as a precaution.

Trump threatens to shoot migrants who throw stones at US military

The US president says a group of several thousand migrants walking through Mexico towards the US border has thrown rocks 'viciously and violently' at Mexican police.

Trump hardens stance on Mexico border, says 15,000 troops could be...

A caravan of Central American migrants estimated to number at least 3,500 people left Honduras in mid-October and is now in southern Mexico on its way to the US border.

US to increase troop presence at border with Mexico

Trump has characterised the migrants as an 'invasion' and falsely stated they harbour terrorists and are financed in part by Democrats.

Honduran migrants break through Guatemala police cordon

Hondurans are fleeing poverty and gang violence in their homeland.

Trump: Pergerakan migran Honduras ke AS ialah ‘darurat’

Presiden AS berkata, bantuan kewangan bagi Guatemala, Honduras dan El Salvador dikurangkan kerana gagal menghalang rakyat mereka memasuki AS secara haram.

Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for...

Several thousand Honduran migrants moved this week through Guatemala, and some were trying to cross to Mexico.

Rasuah: Bekas naib presiden Guatemala dipenjara 15 tahun

Pihak pendakwaan berkata, Roxana Baldetti mengarahkan sekumpulan pegawai dan eksekutif perniagaan menyeleweng kira-kira AS$2.5 juta daripada tabung awam negara miskin antara 2014 dan 2015.

7 dead in riot at Guatemalan maximum security prison

At least 12 inmates died in a riot in July 2013 at the same prison.

Guatemala’s ex-spy chief acquitted of human rights violations

Lawyers for the victims and their families say that testimonies from survivors have proven that acts of human rights violations and sexual assault were committed in Guatemala.

Guatemala’s president says UN anti-graft body is threat to peace

He also attempted to blame deaths on the body, saying that it has caused fatalities by pressuring judges to deny 5 unidentified suspects in custody proper medical treatment.