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Provide guidelines to judges for sentencing, urges lawyer

Long jail term will be illogical while whipping beyond 24 times is against the law, says A Srimurugan.

With dementia cases set to triple, WHO issues guide to cut...

The number of people living with dementia is expected to explode from approximately 50 million today to 152 million by 2050.

Pope’s guidelines for concrete change over sex abuse

The Vatican has said any concrete changes will come post-summit.

Khalid: You can have Oktoberfest, but …

Federal Territories minister says organisers must adhere to guidelines set by City Hall.

No-deal Brexit may mean higher prices, more red tape, less sperm

As Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab published the first guides for businesses advising them on how to prepare for the possibility of talks collapsing, he tried to put a positive spin on them.

Keep it friendly, we’re on the same side, PKR candidates told

Rashid Din says new guidelines are to encourage candidates to be respectful and ethical, and to maintain the party’s image.

PKR election rules too rigid, complain contenders

Party veep contenders William Leong and Johari Abdul say some of campaign rules are impractical and unrealistic.

Stop telling women how to dress, activists urge Putrajaya

They say the government should focus on other more pertinent issues, such as child marriages, protecting the rights of the Orang Asli community and restoring the country’s economy.

Trump administration rolls back racial diversity guidelines for US colleges

The US Supreme Court has ruled over a series of cases that universities may use affirmative action to help minority applicants get into college. Conservatives have argued such programs can hurt whites and Asian-Americans.

Cabinet to get SOP on child marriages

The standard operating procedure, to be submitted by the DPM, must be followed by the Shariah Court when giving approval to such cases.

China central bank issues guidelines on boosting support for small firms

China will increase relending and rediscount quotas by 150 billion yuan ($22.96 billion) to support small firms and the agriculture sector.

Guan Eng: If MB poster allowed, why not PM designate?

The DAP secretary-general says the EC's new guideline is an attempt to help Barisan Nasional win the election.

EC’s poster ruling meant to stop Mahathir pics, says Guan Eng

The DAP secretary-general says this in response to a new guideline issued by the Election Commission.

Alcohol guidelines in many countries may not be safe

Recommended limits for safe alcohol consumption are too high in many developed countries and should be lowered to save lives, a study suggested Friday.

1Malaysia Internet Centres help curb fake news

MCMC official says with internet access available in rural areas, people need to be equipped with knowledge on ethical use of internet.

US transport chief to unveil revised self-driving car guidelines

According to US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, the revised guidelines would address self-driving automobiles, as well as the safe integration of autonomous technology for other vehicles.

New guidelines on punishments needed, say teachers union

NUTP secretary-general Harry Tan wants latest guidelines to state types of punishment allowed so that there would not be any misunderstanding with parents.

BNM denies existence of high-quality counterfeit banknotes

Central Bank says counterfeit banknotes are of low quality and can be easily distinguished from genuine banknotes through the sense of touch and sight.

New firearms code: Officers must issue warning before shooting

Government unveils firearms guidelines for enforcement officers, including how and when to use firearms, as earlier guidelines were only about safekeeping of firearms.

Court throws out DAP MPs’ bid to challenge new EC map

Judge says two MPs who filed 'frivolous' application should appear before Election Commission during second local enquiry to raise their grievances.

Pahang govt to issue guidelines for maahad tahfiz

Menteri besar talks of need to have guidelines on curriculum, management, and academic qualifications of teachers, supervisors and security personnel.

Yet another child’s blood on our hands

It is high time to stop viewing the welfare and care of our young through retrospective lenses.

DAP: BN had similar church, temple guidelines in Selangor

While DAP is making quick steps to rectify the error, the same cannot be said of Selangor MCA, says DAP assemblyman.

‘Politicking’ futile on issue of temple, church guidelines

DAP assemblywoman says contentious clauses on distance and height limitations are not exclusively found in Selangor.