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Tag: gun control

Republican threatens O’Rourke over gun control

Briscoe Cain tweeted a death threat against Beto O'Rourke after the presidential candidate said he was in favour of seizing assault weapons.

NZ PM to further tighten gun laws, 6 months after Christchurch...

New Zealand's efforts on gun control have gained global praise, especially in the United States.

NRA sues San Francisco over city’s ‘terrorist organisation’ label

NRA says the lawsuit is to send a message to those who attack the gun rights lobbying group that it will fight back.

Parkland massacre survivors unveil sweeping US gun-control plan

The group's leaders addressed it to candidates seeking the 2020 US presidential nomination, urging them to make gun control a top priority.

White House discussing gun legislation, Democrats call it unproductive

Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of reversing course after he initially voiced support for tougher background checks.

Trump says Republicans ready to impose gun background checks

Even ‘hardline’ gun rights supporters in the Republican party are backing background checks.

Prosecutors charge Texas shooting suspect with murder, seek death penalty

The nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy, says President Trump

Kiwis hand over 10,000-plus guns and weapons parts in buy-back scheme

More than 2,000 people have surrendered 3,275 firearms, 7,827 parts and accessories.

Indian man teaches 3-year-old son to load gun in viral video

The man told police that the boy was 'curious.'

New Zealand shooters back gun control after massacre

New Zealand gun owners have come to an agreement that a crackdown of firearms ownership is crucial.

NZ bans sale of assault, semi-automatics rifles

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also said high capacity magazines and devices similar to bump stocks will also be banned.

New Zealand massacre puts focus on semi-automatic weapons

49 people were killed and dozens wounded when a gunman opened fire on worshippers in 2 mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

US House holds hearings on gun violence and climate change

Every day in America, on average, 34 people are murdered with a firearm, and more than 183 people are injured in an attack.

Trump asks judge not to block access to 3D gun Instructions

19 states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration, arguing the downloadable firearms will be untraceable and easily available to criminals and terrorists.

Trudeau meets with shooting victims’ families

Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, opened fire early Friday, killing four people, including two police officers in Fredericton, New Brunswick - has been charged with 4 premeditated homicides.

Canada’s Trudeau pressed on gun control after Toronto shooting

Trudeau promised to look at a "broad range" of options in order to make "the right decision for the long term".

Gun-control activists rally near Columbine High School ahead of walkouts

Colorado gun control activists rallied on Thursday near Columbine High School, calling for an end to gun violence one day before the 19th anniversary of the massacre there and a planned nationwide student walkout.

Tech CEOs call for gun control following YouTube shooting

Several Silicon Valley leaders called for increased gun control on Tuesday afternoon after a woman at the headquarters of YouTube shot and wounded three people before taking her own life.

US gunmaker Remington files for bankruptcy

Remington, one of the largest US makers of firearms, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a Delaware court.

Reddit wades into the gun control debate

The platform updated its policy and banned some popular gun forums.

Broadway stars Miranda and Platt release March for Our Lives song

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt recorded "Found/Tonight" in support of March for Our Lives.

Empty shoes, empty schools: US gun law activists plan 2 days...

Activists and volunteers place 7,000 colorful pairs of donated children's footwear side by side to commemorate those who have died.

Trump accused of backpedaling on gun control

Trump's step backwards has critics accusing him of wilting after three of the worst mass shootings in US history scarred his first year in office.

Officials: Alabama student dies in accidental school shooting

A female student was killed and one person was wounded in a shooting at an Alabama high school on Wednesday that authorities are calling accidental, police said and media reported.