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MCMC, data commission need more powers to deal with cyber-crimes, says...

Building a case against cyber-criminals takes time and effort.

China rejects ‘smear’ after Airbus hacking report

Foreign ministry says China is a firm defender of network security.

Hackers threaten to bring down Sabah Water Department website over quality...

The Silence Hacker Group says it is unhappy with the quality of service offered by the department.

Hackers steal data from telcos in espionage campaign

The attackers have compromised companies in more than 30 countries.

Radiohead snubs hackers’ ransom demand

The British band refused to give into ransom demand instead wants to sell the stolen music for climate activists.

Hackers exploited WhatsApp flaw to install spyware

Hackers exploit security flaw in WhatsApp, allowing malicious software to be installed on phones when they call their targets using the app.

US hackers helped UAE spy on Al Jazeera chairman, BBC host

The American operatives worked for Project Raven, a secret Emirati intelligence program that spied on dissidents, militants and political opponents of the UAE monarchy.

Hackers post personal data of hundreds of German politicians

The data, published on a Twitter account, also included addresses, personal letters and copies of identity cards.

Mystery hacker steals data on 1,000 North Korean defectors in South

North Korean hackers have in the past been accused of cyberattacks on South Korean state agencies and businesses.

‘Thousands’ of EU diplomatic cables hacked

The EU's diplomatic missions cables reveal anxiety about Donald Trump as well as concerns about China, Russia and Iran.

CIMBClicks remains secure, bank assures

CIMB Bank says additional measures were introduced over the weekend to enhance the security of the online banking portal.

Clues in Marriott hack implicate China

Marriott said a hack that began four years ago had exposed the records of up to 500 million Starwood hotels customers.

Elite North Korean hacker group tied to bank attacks

Some of the known attacks have targeted the Vietnam TP Bank in 2015, Bangladesh Bank in 2016, Far Eastern International Bank of Taiwan in 2017 and Bancomext of Mexico and Banco de Chile in 2018.

Malaysia warned of China-sponsored cyberattacks

Cyber espionage activities could target Malaysian government agencies as Dr Mahathir prepares to visit China.

Hackers already attacking midterm elections, raising US alarms

At least 3 congressional candidates have been hit with phishing attacks strongly resembling Russian sabotage in the 2016 campaign - among them was Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat.

Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones vulnerable to hacking

The Galaxy S7 is currently used by some 30 million people, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Southeast Asia seek cybersecurity deal with Russia after series of hacks

A document seen by Reuters, discusses formalising an agreement with Russia, is set to be issued by ASEAN foreign ministers at the close of meetings with other global lawmakers in Singapore.

Singapore disconnects healthcare computers from the Internet after cyber attack

In the most recent attack in June, hackers stole particulars of more than 1.5 million patients, including the prime minister's drug prescriptions.

Top-ranked Australian university hit by Chinese hackers

Australia's top-ranked university on Friday said it had spent several months fighting off a threat to its computer systems, which media said had been compromised by Chinese hackers.

Ukraine says Russian hackers preparing massive strike

Law enforcement and corporate security teams around the world pay close attention to cyber threats in Ukraine

Hackers steal $30 million from top Seoul bitcoin exchange

The virtual currency was priced at $6,442 dollars late afternoon in Seoul, down about 4.4% from 24 hours earlier, after the latest attack on Bithumb raised concerns over cryptocurrency security.

Washington Post: China hacked sensitive US Navy undersea warfare plans

The data stolen was of a highly sensitive nature despite being housed on the contractor’s unclassified network, the Post said, citing the officials.

Bangladesh open to out-of-court settlement over US$81 million cyber heist

Hackers stole US$81 million of Bangladesh Bank's money held at the New York Fed and sent it to Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.

Hackers from KL targeting us, says SAPP

The party's deputy president Melanie Chia says there have been attempts to get into the party’s Google account.