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Tag: hacking

Student activist denies hacking UM e-payment website

Wong Yan Ke also denies ordering anyone to do so on his behalf.

Prince Harry to sue tabloids over phone-hacking

Harry said the treatment of Meghan by sections of the British press was reminiscent of their approach to his mother Diana.

Iranian hacking group unsuccessfully targeted Trump’s re-election campaign

US president’s campaign director says there’s no indication its infrastructure was targeted.

‘Football Leaks’ hacker faces more than 100 charges

Rui Pinto's lawyers are presenting their client as a ‘very important European whistleblower’.

Well structured cyber-criminals on the prowl, warns cyber-security agency boss

CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO says cyber-criminals are keeping pace with advancements and are running well-structured operations.

China hacked Asian telcos to spy on Uighur travellers

China has repeatedly denied involvement in cyberattacks or any mistreatment of the Uighur people.

Netflix probing claims of illegal ‘RM10’ accounts

It says it is aware of the issue and urges suspicious users to check for signs of unauthorised activity.

Binge-watching thieves give all-new meaning to ‘Netflix and chill’

For as low as RM10, usernames and passwords of Netflix users are offered online.

New cars vulnerable to hacks that could leave thousands dead

The group of car industry technologists and experts speculated that a fleet-wide hack at rush hour could leave about 3,000 people dead.

Marriott faces US$124 mil fine from UK for data hacking

Last year's massive hacking of Marriott International reservation database remains a major one in recent years.

Portuguese police interview Cristiano Ronaldo over ‘Football Leaks’

The Juventus striker is one of the main targets of Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto. 

Trump to Putin: Please don’t meddle in US elections

Trump jokingly tells Putin not to meddle in US elections as the pair were speaking to reporters.

China hacked eight major computer services firms in years-long attack

A US indictment in December outlined an elaborate operation to steal Western intellectual property in order to advance China's economic interests.

PC giant Asus fell Prey to elaborate 2018 attack, Kaspersky says

Kaspersky discovered the infiltration in January, which it dubbed Operation Shadowhammer.

Ex-US NSA employee sentenced to prison for exposing secrets

US officials say the Kaspersky Lab antivirus software allowed Russian intelligence agencies to pilfer sensitive secrets from the United States.

Google removes YouTube channels and web accounts tied to Iran

Alphabet Inc.’s Google concluded that the manipulation efforts began as early as January 2017.

Microsoft embraces role as anti-hacking enforcer

Microsoft Corp. staged a broad public announcement to herald its seizure of web domains that were being used to send phishing emails by hackers linked to the Russian military.

Researchers find new security flaw in Intel chips

The "Meltdown" and "Spectre" flaws roiled the Silicon Valley chip maker, prompting a series of lawsuits and a congressional inquiry about Intel's handling of the matter.

Elliott Broidy can’t sue Qatar in the US over hacking

US District Judge John Walter granted Qatar’s request to be dismissed from the lawsuit under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which limits US court jurisdiction over foreign nations.

Iraq election commission ignored warnings over voting machines

There have been concerns that the devices could have been tampered with or hacked into to skew the result.

Hacking human trafficking: young Colombians develop apps to fight the crime

The app should help identify victims of sex trafficking, improve coordination between authorities when possible victims are spotted at airports and bus terminals, or help prevent the online distribution of child sexual abuse material.

Twitter suspends two accounts linked to 12 Russians indicted by Mueller

Social networking site Twitter Inc. suspended two accounts linked to 12 Russian spies indicted by Mueller for interfering in the 2016 US presidential election.

Woman charged in LA with hacking email of pop star Selena...

The charges include five counts of identity theft, five counts of accessing computer data to commit fraud or illegally obtain money, property or data and one count of accessing computer data without permission.

Russian spies indicted with hacking Malaysian server during Trump campaign

The 29-page indictment document showed that the same group of Russians leased servers, targeted Democratic officials to capture their online credentials and communicated with Republicans and other distributors of hacked information.