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Tag: Hadi’s bill

Hadi’s bill not comprehensive for shariah courts, says Mujahid

The minister says the government will seek to strengthen the shariah courts holistically.

No debate on shariah motion but PAS still satisfied

MP Takiyuddin Hassan says although Hadi Awang’s motion was not debated today, the party is satisfied with its push for stiffer sentences for shariah offenders.

‘Why isn’t amendment on unilateral conversion in Parliament?’

The MP says there is no excuse as PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's private member's bill has been listed in the Dewan Rakyat's motion paper.

It’s subjudice to debate Hadi’s bill, AG told to advise Pandikar

Tawfik Ismail's lawyers say this ahead of the next parliamentary session on March 5.

Speaker, secretary apply to annul ex-MP’s suit on Hadi’s motion

Pandikar Amin Mulia and Roosme Hamzah take the position that the court has no jurisdiction to hear the suit brought by Tawfik Ismail as parliament and its members govern their own affairs.

Hadi’s bill deferred to next Dewan Rakyat sitting

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's proposal to enhance powers of Shariah courts has been moved to the next sitting of the Dewan Rakyat, along with 4 other bills.

MCA: Countries with hudud can’t check corruption, crime

Terengganu MCA rejects PAS president’s letter on Thursday calling on Malaysians to accept an ‘Islamic approach’.

‘Sabah, Sarawak MPs must defeat Hadi’s bill’

Shariah law amendment will introduce hudud, thus altering secular nature of Malaysian legal system, says East Malaysian group of ex-politicians, business leaders.

Hadi’s bill is really about political power play

What the bill does is to cloud the beauty, magnificence and humaneness of Islam under the intent of imposing punishment.

Guan Eng: PAS, BN parties and public duped by Umno

If Hadi’s bill passed by ordinary legislation and not constitutional amendment, will hudud law be implemented in same manner, asks DAP leader.

Nanyang Siang Pau apologises for insulting Pandikar, Hadi

Cartoon about PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's tabling of bill to amend Act 355 gets Chinese daily into trouble.

Will Hadi’s bill be fair to the poor, query Pakatan MPs

Mock Parliament session also discusses whether non-Muslim MPs can discuss amendments to enhance the powers of the shariah courts.

Wee a ‘bare faced liar’, says Tony Pua

DAP MP challenges MCA deputy president to sue him for defamation following latter's accusation that DAP MPs did nothing to stop tabling of Hadi's bill.

The sad thing about Act 355

The Act 355 amendment tug-of-war is expected to continue until July, but whatever the eventual outcome, it has created a split between Muslim and non-Muslim societies.

Pakatan can kiss rural votes goodbye

Parliament will be dissolved before its July sitting and PAS and Umno will milk Hadi's bill dry in their election campaigns.

The price of political deals

Some say MCA, Gerakan were fooled by Umno, but everyone is watching to see if DAP will eventually manage to talk PKR, Amanah and PPBM into voting against Hadi's bill.

Amanah: Deafening silence by PAS as Hadi’s bill deferred

Raja Bahrin Shah questions why Terengganu, with only Umno and PAS reps in state assembly, still refuse to implement Syariah law criminal code, despite having royal consent.

Rulers’ consent needed to amend shariah laws, says ex-judge

Every Malaysian has the right to express his concern over Hadi’s bill and if Hadi Awang thinks it is his exclusive domain, he is constitutionally wrong, says Gopal Sri Ram.

‘Rulers’ approval not required for shariah law amendments’

Hadi’s bill proposes to amend an existing law, not introduce a new one, says Dewan Rakyat speaker.

Dewan Rakyat: Hadi’s bill now first order of the day

Parliament website reveals bill to enhance punishments imposed by Shariah courts moved up to first on the agenda, as bill to stop unilateral conversion deferred.

Finally, Umno feels the pinch

Prime Minister Najib Razak has said BN will not have an official stand on the Act 355 amendment bill but does that mean BN reps can vote whichever way they like if it's tabled?

BN govt can still stop tabling of Hadi’s bill, says Guan...

DAP secretary-general says it is not up to Speaker, as he will only abide by instruction from ruling party which appointed him.

The real mastermind(s) who shot down Hadi’s bill

We who have been speaking out against RUU355 need to have faith that if we stand up for our rights and fight for a fair, just, secular and liberal society, we can make a difference.

Bebas: Hadi’s bill not defeated yet

Secular activist group says it will not hesitate to mobilise public opinion against the shariah amendment bill if it is tabled.