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Kegagalan PH wajarkan inisiatif kami, kata aktivis #UndiRosak

Aktivis #UndiRosak kini berasa terbela berikutan cakap-cakap di media sosial bahawa PH akan menjadi kerajaan satu penggal.

PH’s failures vindicate us, say #UndiRosak activists

They claim people are now telling them they were right to call for spoilt votes.

A spoiled vote is a protest, not a vote for Pakatan

It is also a vote against both sides for having ridiculously sacrificed their principles for votes.

Santiago: Engage, not vilify, #UndiRosak advocates

The Klang MP says attacks against those who support the movement must stop.

#UndiRosak: The movement which doesn’t care

Contrary to the campaign's claims, Malaysians care deeply about the country's future and are not prepared to spoil their votes and allow others to further plunder the nation.

Predicting GE14 outcome: Analysis or propaganda?

Writer says Pakatan Harapan reps sound desperate when trying to dismiss analysts who predict Barisan Nasional will hold on to Putrajaya in the next general election.

Clearing the air about waste-to-energy plants

Waste-to-energy plants and incinerators are not one and the same, and opposition MPs as well as the general public should read up on the issue first before objecting to it.

WHO’s no holds barred war on cigarettes

Even law enforcement agencies acting to combat illicit cigarettes are banned from attending the Conference of Parties as WHO excludes governments and public officials.

Have guidelines on e-ciggies, vaping gone up in smoke?

World Health Organisation report says alternative source of nicotine with lower health risks would be a public health achievement.

The lack of human rights at the WHO

It is obvious that the World Health Organisation, though under the United Nations, does not abide by the articles on human rights promoted by its parent body.