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Tag: Haniff Khatri Abdulla

AGC seeks to stop Dr M’s lawyer from intervening in suit...

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says an alternative remedy is for him to be given the right to submit as a friend of the court.

Dr M’s lawyer says RCI report on forex losses flawed, no...

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says ‘inadequate and inaccurate findings' of an RCI need not be implemented, especially if it had been conducted with a political motive.

3 questions for AG over delay in RCI on judicial misconduct

Lawyers say continued delay in setting up the RCI is not good for the image of the AG, the de facto law minister and the judiciary.

Hentak cermin kereta tidak perlu penjara 12 bulan, cukup denda, kata...

Peguam berkata mahkamah boleh mengenakan hukuman denda dan memerintahkan pesalah membayar pampasan atas kesalahannya memecahkan cermin hadapan kenderaan mangsa.

Lawyer: It’d be wrong to charge judge before investigating his allegations

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the sincere allegations of judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer should not be swept under the carpet and the government should not lose the opportunity to clean up the judiciary's image through a RCI.

Perda sues former head and board members over 2 land deals

Perda chairman Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the authority has uncovered 11 other cases of mismanagement.

Bos baru Perda siasat kemungkinan salah urus

Haniff Khatri Abdulla berkata, tindakan juga akan diambil terhadap 'jualan tanah murah' yang menjadi tumpuan media 2 tahun lalu.

New Perda boss says probing possible mismanagement

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says an internal probe is ongoing in an effort to ferret out past mismanagement so that Perda can start on a clean slate to improve the lives of Penang residents.

We were only brought in after temple fracas, say One City...

Haniff Khatri Abdulla and Rafique Rashid Ali deny allegations that they paid 'thugs' to evict the temple devotees.

Jangan cepat sangat hakimi ‘Datin’ dera amah, kata peguam

Haniff Khatri berkata orang ramai harus membenarkan sistem kehakiman menentukan prosesnya secara sah tanpa tekanan.

16 bekas ahli Umno mahu mula prosiding hina mahkamah

Pemecatan 16 individu terbabit boleh dianggap mengganggu prosiding mahkamah, kata peguam mereka, Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Indira’s children were never Muslims, says lawyer

Lawyer K Shunmuga says Federal Court ruling in revoking conversion certificates made it clear as the children did not recite the ‘dua kalimah syahadah’.

Najib, 2 others ordered to file 1MDB suit defence

PM, federal government and 1MDB fail to get stay as judge rules they will not suffer any prejudice by filing their defence, says lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

PPBM holding AGM amid RoS deregistration threat, says lawyer

Party's legal adviser Haniff Khatri says party has taken all proper and possible steps to comply with its constitution and the Societies Act.

Lawyer: US not likely to seek Malaysia’s help in 1MDB probe

Haniff Khatri says after Swiss AG's failure to get assistance from Attorney-General Apandi Ali, US AG Jeff Sessions might skip mutual legal assistance request, but another lawyer says Sessions is likely to try.

Nik Abduh: Child conversion bill will damage faith of Muslims

PAS Youth chief wants Muslims to reject amendments to the Law Reform Act 1976 which will put in place legal safeguards against unilateral conversion of minors to Islam.

Spat between Haniff, Nur Jazlan continues

Nur Jazlan has no right to generalise lawyers, says Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

Peguam Dr Mahathir angkuh, kata Nur Jazlan

Menjawab kenyataan peguam Haniff Khatri, timbalan menteri dalam negeri itu berkata tafsiran undang-undang mereka mungkin berbeza.

Sue me if it is slander, Rizal Mansor dares Dr M’s...

The PM's aide says slandering would mean he had fabricated stories whereas he was merely pointing out what Dr Mahathir had said.

Haniff insists Agong has power to remove Najib

Despite what other legal minds say, lawyer Haniff Khatri Abdulla contends that the Constitution empowers the King to remove the Prime Minister.

Nazri: Agong doesn’t have constitutional power to remove PM

"Parliament has to take action against Najib first,” says minister.

Peguam Anwar sedia bekerjasama dengan peguam Dr M

Tindakan Dr Mahathir mengarah peguamnya Haniff Khatri Abdulla untuk bekerjasama dengan peguan Anwar dilihat sebagai satu perkembangan positif untuk politik tanah air dan rakyat.

Mahathir offers assistance to Anwar’s legal team

The former premier has instructed his lawyers to liase with Anwar's team to see how they can assist in challenging the NSC Act.

Lawyer Haniff: Let AG defend himself

He advises minister Wan Junaidi to study the AG's role and responsibilities before coming to his defence.