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With a piece of paper, Trump called on Kim to hand...

The document, which demanded Kim Jong-un to hand over his nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the United States, could explain the Hanoi summit collapse.

Pompeo sees more N.Korea talks, Seoul faces limits in mediator role

US State Secretary says he remains hopeful talks with Pyongyang will continue soon.

Trump suggests Cohen hearing contributed to failure of N.Korea summit

While Trump was away at the Hanoi Summit, former aide Cohen was testifying about Trump's alleged misdeeds before US Representatives.

No deal blow for Moon’s vision of ‘peace-driven’ Korean economy

Experts say that the summit was supposed to be Moon's way of distracting South Koreans from economic and employment problems.

North Korea offers more talks after nuclear no-deal in Hanoi

North Korea's foreign minister said the country only wanted some of the measures eased, and the offer to "all the nuclear production facilities" in Yongbyon was the best deal it could offer.

Trump-Kim talks in question as Hanoi summit abruptly cut short

No reason was given for the schedule change while South Korean stocks and currency react negatively.

N.Korea’s Kim arrives in Vietnam for summit; Trump on his way

Amid fluttering N.Korean and Vietnamese flags, Kim arrives in Dong Dang where Vietnamese officials receive him with a red carpet and honour guard.