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Tag: happiness

5 ways to improve your mood

Improving your mood will have positive effects on overall mental health.

Does marriage lead to true happiness?

Researchers have documented that married people have better physical and psychological health.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of age

As one gets older, inner happiness must be developed and strengthened. Here are eight surefire ways to make it happen.

Go ahead, spend that money

Careful budgeting allows you to spend money on achieving happiness.

Money vs happiness: The science of buying joy

Read how going on a vacation brings greater joy than buying material goods as does investing in a person i.e. acts of altruism that involve helping others.

Finland: from suicide hotspot to world’s happiest country

Suicides in Finland have now fallen to less than half of 1990 levels.

The curious relationship between money and happiness

Here's to recognising what makes us happy and spending our money on that, instead of the other way around.

Rural folk happier than those in urban areas, study shows

Survey reveals more than half of 'happy' local authorities are district councils.

How exercise can help boost happiness

Exercise could contribute well to the emotional well-being of an individual and ultimately result in a happier person.

Choosing someone nice could be key to relationship happiness

Having a partner who is conscientious and nice leads to higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

Malaysians should learn how to be happy

If what we read in the news and talk about with our friends is anything to go by, many Malaysians are suckers for bad news.

Being happy may help you live longer finds new study

Can boosting happiness also boost seniors' life expectancy?

Investor vs consumer: Who is happier?

While the consumer generally enjoys instant gratification, the typical investor enjoys delayed gratification instead.

Take heed of Incredibles 2’s social warning

More than just an animated action movie, Incredibles 2 dwells on humankind's over-reliance on modern technology for security, protection and happiness.

Finns find key to being world’s happiest despite ups and downs

The UN World Happiness Report ranked Finnish citizens as being the world's happiest.

Can being married bring long-term happiness?

New research has found that being married can bring long-lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Could buying or having fewer things make you happier?

Although material purchases can bring happiness, it may not be as expected.

Clinical hypnosis for happiness seekers

Ridding oneself of persistent feelings of anxiety, depression and pessimism is possible when one learns to leverage on the powers of clinical hypnosis.

Can shopping bring happiness and, if so, when?

Spenders rejoice, it seems money can buy you happiness, as long as you buy something that suits your personality.