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Tag: hardline Islam

Malaysian cabinet members have equal status, says ex-judge

Any attempt to deny this fact is seditious and an attempt to overthrow the Federal Constitution, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Academic: PAS, not Umno, is the real power in PAS-Umno deal

Prof Clive Kessler says the old adversaries are not only transforming Malaysian politics with their cooperation, they are also deciding the fate of Malaysian politics.

Inter-religious harmony in SEA under threat from rigid Islam, says report

The spread of imported rigid and sectarian forms of Islam in the region can engulf entire communities, as the Philippines has discovered.

Report: Najib’s real challenge to balance ‘Malay first’ policy and minority...

The Diplomat says to retain his leadership, Najib bent towards a ‘Malay first’ and conservative Islam stance but now it has come to haunt him as he has to convince non-Malays he is their leader too.

Why Malaysia’s royals are speaking up

Report says they are re-asserting their authority as heads of Islam and filling a void left by the federal leadership, especially as a conservative brand of Islam is growing under Najib Razak’s administration.

Why conservative Islam will continue to rise in Malaysia, Asean

The arrival of Saudi Arabia as a power player in the region – for trade ties and pushing its Islamic leadership status – will raise issues for intra-Asean relationships, says analysis.

We’re giving too much space in our media and lives to...

With the whole nation and the media talking about him, the controversial preacher has been elevated to superstar status and is probably gloating on his triumph.

Law expert: Listen to wishes of Sabah, Sarawak on religious freedom

Saying both states were given certain rights as conditions for forming Malaysia, Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi suggests the establishment of a judicial committee to handle conflicts between civil and shariah laws.