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Tag: Haris Ibrahim

Aktivis Haris Ibrahim bebas dari tuduhan hasutan

Mahkamah mebenarkan rayuannya selepas mengambil kira penghujahan oleh pihak pembelaan.

Activist Haris Ibrahim freed of sedition charge

The court allows his appeal after taking into account submissions by the defence.

Peruntukan undang-undang mencukupi untuk dakwa Zakir Naik, kata peguam

Akta Hasutan tidak wajar digunakan terhadap Zakir Naik, tetapi undang-undang lain boleh digunakan untuk menyiasat tindak tanduk beliau.

Putrajaya urged to campaign against race politics

Activist Haris Ibrahim says Malaysians are not really racist but can be influenced by rabble rousing politicians.

Kumpulan aktivis cadang undang-undang anti-kemiskinan

Rang Undang-undang Keterangkuman Sosial mempelopori penubuhan sebuah suruhanjaya bebas yang akan bekerja dengan Ahli Parlimen dan Adun bagi mencari penyelesaian masalah kemiskinan di kawasan masing-masing.

Activist group calls for anti-poverty law

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia calls for the revival of a bill that was rejected in 2014.

Civil society pushes for end to Sedition Act

Activists and lawyers press the government to scrap the law as promised in the PH election manifesto.

Ex-Bar chief: Have good mix of judges from Bar and civil...

Legal minds with experience and capacity must be scouted to fill 22 vacancies that will arise in the Federal Court and Court of Appeal, says Ragunath Kesavan.

Pick senior Bar member as next chief justice, says lawyer

Haris Ibrahim says the present judges have failed to uphold their oath to restore judicial independence and defend the Federal Constitution.

Frenemies in ‘wounded tiger’ Umno pose Pakatan dilemma

Haris Ibrahim on whether to accept friendly Umno members without also taking in Trojan horses out to create havoc.

Activist Haris Ibrahim escapes jail for sedition

High Court replaces the eight-month jail sentence with a RM4,000 fine.

Activist mocks ‘great storyteller’ Mahathir

Haris Ibrahim says Dr Mahathir Mohamad gives the impression that nothing is his fault, while Kua Kia Soong says former PM's expression of regret for sacking Anwar Ibrahim is meaningless.

Nurul Izzah: Dr M pledged to PH leaders to implement reforms

PKR vice-president believes PPBM chairman will help fulfil opposition coalition’s promises to make Malaysia more democratic, says report.

Kit Siang calls on activists to help frame PH reform agenda

DAP elder says this in response to Haris Ibrahim’s concern that the coalition’s agenda may be set back if Mahathir Mohamad is chosen as its PM.

Adakah nasib agenda reformasi jika Dr M jadi PM?

Aktivis Haris Ibrahim berkata pengerusi PPBM itu sudah menunjukkan dirinya bukan seorang reformis.

Whither reform agenda if Mahathir becomes PM?

Activist Haris Ibrahim says the PPBM chief has shown that he is not a reformist.

Is Mahathir still a ‘dictator’?

Former prime minister remains a polarising figure in politics although all quarters admit he is needed to gain the Malay votes in the next general election.

Don’t give BN an easy win, says PSM’s Jeyakumar

PSM central committee member Dr Michael Jeyakumar says the first battle is to make GE14 tough for Barisan Nasional to win.

Court refuses leave on right to get redelineation information from EC

Chief Justice says there could be another case for the court to answer the legal questions activist Haris Ibrahim has raised but that his challenge is not the proper case for the merit of the appeal to be heard.

Lawyer: Penal code with Christian values imposed on all

Aidil Khalid says proposed shariah amendments necessary as Muslims want to enforce principles of morality according to Islam without enforcing them on non-Muslims

Bebas debate on Hadi’s bill to feature Ambiga

Organisers behind RUU355 counter-rally in Petaling Jaya last month keep spotlight on contentious issue by having debate on the motion: 'RUU355 should be made into law'.

Activist: It’s now up to the people to bring about change

I will speak at public forums to educate and create awareness among the people of their rights, says activist Haris Ibrahim after the Court of Appeal ruled against him earlier today.

Verdict on redelineation exercise to be announced tomorrow

The Election Commission's ongoing redelineation exercise will be suspended if the Court of Appeal rules tomorrow that voters are entitled to all information pertaining to the exercise.

Tian Chua jailed 3 months, fined RM1,800 for sedition

Sessions Court rules prosecution has proven prima facie case, in convicting the PKR vice-president for sedition over inciteful comments in a speech following the last general election.