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Lucky tourists enjoy Sarawak family’s calls to share Hari Raya open...

At Raya, Kuching villagers say let them eat kek – Sarawak layer cake

Work with us for positive changes, Dr M urges Facebook

The prime minister wants the social media giant and other platform providers to continue collaborating with the government as well as law enforcement agencies.

Let’s keep Malaysia beautiful, not see it burn

To help foster unity, the government should make it a priority to educate people on fact checking, especially postings on social media.

National unity is everyone’s task, says Gobind

At Vaisakhi event, communications minister says Malaysians can ill-afford to slack off in their efforts to protect multiracialism, multiculturalism and the different religions.

This humble ‘Malay man’ has raised the image of Islam

It is little acts of kindness that help us appreciate each other’s humanity and faiths, not the strident cries of the wilfully blind.

Tears shed as family finally meets mystery ‘Malay man’ who transformed...

Good Samaritan’s Facebook post highlighted destitute family's plight and launched an outpouring of help

2019 will see the rise of more Beautiful Malaysians

I expect an increase in the chorus of Malaysian voices speaking out against injustice, racists and politicians who use religion to gain support, even as racial rhetoric rises.

Don’t be so backward, Sabah Islamic body tells PAS over Xmas...

It says Sabahans have been celebrating various religious festivals in harmony for years without overstepping religious boundaries.

Be careful with words, actions so as not to offend, says...

Penang mufti Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor says everyone should refrain from playing up racial issues.

Malaysia has enough for everyone

The onus is on the people to take advantage of these opportunities and change for the better.

First things first, academic says on boosting national unity

USCI's Tajuddin Rasdi says historical and religious narratives must be addressed before government programmes can bear fruit.

Divided we stand

In the sixth part of a series on Malaysia's evolution vis-a-vis China, former ambassador Dennis Ignatius says little has changed under the PH government when it comes to celebrating diversity.

Let’s follow Sabah-style racial unity for Malaysia, says Waytha

The minister says a new action plan aims to strengthen racial unity more comprehensively than past programmes by the BN government.

Is Zakir Naik engaging in comparative religion or insulting other faiths?

Experts in comparative religion usually do not belong to any faith because if they do, they will be charged with academic bias.

We’ll protect all religions, not only Islam, against insults, says Mujahid

Putrajaya plans to introduce a bill on this.

Najib: Consider harmony, stability when choosing government

The prime minister says the people should also consider who can bring about progress and develop Malaysia's economy.

Just give us back the Malaysia we once had

We don't need constant reminders or indoctrination on race, religion and region – just give us back the 'Malaysianness' we once had.

Musa Aman: Muslim unity will ensure political stability, prosperous society

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman says Muslims must learn from the crises being seen in some Islamic countries where people are not united.

Inter-religious harmony in SEA under threat from rigid Islam, says report

The spread of imported rigid and sectarian forms of Islam in the region can engulf entire communities, as the Philippines has discovered.

Sabah proud to be model state for religious tolerance, says Musa

Sabah has made meaningful progress as a harmonious state, says the chief minister.

DAP tells BTN not to intimidate voters

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok says BTN head's caution to Chinese community that there will be disharmony if they support the opposition can be deemed a threat.

Amanah to table private member’s bills on race relations

The three bills are on Race and Religious Hatred, Equality and a National Harmony Commission.

Wan Saiful: Racial, religious divisions being sown in Sabah

Chief executive of IDEAS cautions politicians to think twice about fanning ethnic insecurity for short-term political gains as it will destroy the harmony enjoyed by the state.

Malaysia today and the Malaysia that should be

Malaysia should be about unity, with people from diverse backgrounds working together for the greater good of all.