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Tag: Hasanah Ab Hamid

No federal law can take away basic rights of citizens, court...

Provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code against the constitution, lawyer says in appeal by ex-intel boss.

Ex-intel chief’s RM50 million CBT case to remain at Sessions Court

The prosecution says they are withdrawing the transfer bid to the High Court following objections from Hasanah Ab Hamid's legal team.

Prosecution wants ex-intel chief’s CBT case transferred to High Court

They say this is because the case involves national security issues.

The spy who came in from the void

Millions of ringgit have been spent on intelligence operations and the former intel head has been slapped with a CBT charge, but still the biggest fish of all has escaped the net.

Bekas ketua perisik gagal cabar halangan bantuan peguam

Mahkamah berkata Seksyen 28(8) dan 28(9) Kanun Tatacara Jenayah tidak menghilangkan hak tahanan diwakili peguam cuma 'suspend' hak itu.

Ex-intel chief fails to challenge lack of legal counsel in custody

High Court rules that the provisions cited by Hasanah Ab Hamid do not discriminate against any person under arrest.

Najib, Irwan at court to face CBT charges

Former intelligence head Hasanah Ab Hamid, who faces separate charges of CBT, arrives shortly after.

Hutang 1MDB: Najib selesai bagi keterangan selepas 3 jam di SPRM

Bekas perdana menteri diambil keterangan berhubung kes pembayaran hutang 1MDB kepada International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

Bekas ketua perisik akan didakwa pecah amanah, kata sumber

Hasanah kemungkinan akan didakwa pecah amanah berhubung dakwaan penggelapan dana AS$12 juta.

Ex-intel chief Hasanah released but passport withheld

Her lawyer says Hasanah is ready to cooperate with the authorities whenever needed.

Sunday remand hearing for ex-intel chief Hasanah

MACC is seeking to extend her remand as it continues a probe into alleged abuse of government funds.

Letter to CIA ‘unforgivable’, says Umno leader

Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam says the letter is nonsense as no one can get assistance from a foreign body to keep them in power.

Hasanah asks court to declare questioning by MACC unlawful

Hasanah’s lawyer says High Court expected to hear oral arguments on Monday over her action seeking a declaration that the section under which she has been detained is against the constitution.

Ex-intel chief Hasanah remanded 5 days

Hasanah Ab Hamid's lawyer will file an application to challenge the MACC for preventing him from meeting his client.

Hasanah arrives at court for remand hearing

The former intelligence head arrived at the Magistrate's Court at 9.10am, dressed in orange lock-up attire.

Ex-intel chief of CIA letter fame arrested

A source says that Hasanah Ab Hamid is under MACC custody and will be brought to court tomorrow.

Probe alleged abuse of military intelligence in GE14, Patriot tells defence...

Ex-servicemen reiterate their call for an investigation into claims that the department of military intelligence worked to shore up support for Najib Razak ahead of GE14.

Boleh dianggap khianat, kata peguam tentang surat kepada CIA

Hasanah melanggar protokol apabila meminta kerajaan asing berpihak dalam politik dalaman negara, kata bekas SB.

Bekas pegawai perisikan pertahan diri dari tuduhan khianat

Hasanah Ab Hamid berkata mengesahkan dia ada menulis surat kepada CIA mengatakan Najib sekutu penting AS.

Treason? Nonsense, says ex-intel officer over letter to CIA

Hasanah Ab Hamid confirms writing a letter to CIA praising the Najib administration as a trusted friend of the US.

Surat kepada pengarah CIA arahan siapa, soal Guan Eng

Lim berkata beliau tidak mahu melihat isu surat kepada pengarah CIA itu seperti melihat skandal 1MDB.

Letter to CIA to pave way for power grab?

Former diplomat Dennis Ignatius says the letter hints at possible plans for emergency rule in the event Barisan Nasional lost GE14.

Ex-servicemen want probe into ‘treasonous’ CIA letter

The National Patriots Association says the purported letter discussed internal security matters and foreign policy matters that should not have been shared.