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Bersih demands RCI into GE14 abuses

It also calls for EC's six commissioners to resign immediately after the departure of EC chairman Hashim Abdullah.

EC head Hashim in Bersih’s ‘Hall of Shame’

The election reform group says it will update its list every Friday to ensure a clean election.

Beware fake messages on election workers, says EC

It says voters do not have to worry about manipulation or fraud attempts in GE14.

EC targets 85% voter turnout in GE14

Election Commission chief says there were 14,968,304 registered voters at the end of last year.

Postal voting for firemen, health workers during GE14

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says postal voting facility is granted on the justification that the staff concerned cannot leave their duty on that day to vote.

EC to continue local inquiries on Selangor redelineation

EC says court's decision means it can continue with its responsibility to carry out inquiries within the time frame set by the Federal Constitution.

EC: Lodge complaint if there are changes in voter list

This will allow EC officers in the states to attend to the matter, says commission chairman.

Hashim: Bantah jika tak puas hati dengan SPR, jangan hanya kritik

Pengerusi SPR membidas segelintir parti politik yang hanya pandai membuat kritikan, tetapi tidak mengemukakan bantahan apabila menyedari wujud masalah dalam sistem pemilihan.

Pengerusi SPR: Saya tak kecil hati dituduh ‘kuda tunggangan’ BN

Mohd Hashim Abdullah berkata, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman tidak akan menyerangnya secara peribadi jika beliau tidak menjadi pengerusi SPR.

SPR umum 4 Julai tarikh PRK Pujut

SPR bagaimanapun berkata sekiranya keputusan mahkamah mengekalkan jawatan Adun Dr Ting Tiong Choon, PRK tidak akan diadakan.

PAS: We can’t rule out cooperating with Umno in future

PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin says PAS was always open to negotiations on condition the cooperation was guided by Islamic principles.

Pujut: EC awaits official info from Sarawak speaker

Election Commission says news of Sarawak assembly disqualifying Dr Ting Tiong Choon as Pujut assemblyman only came from mass media.

‘Fake fingers’ to vote? Not possible, says EC

It says a Selangor assemblyman has claimed that prosthetic fingers have been imported from China to cheat in the next general election.