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Havana’s Chinatown dreaming of a new lease on life

It's the entrance gate to Havana's Chinatown, once the biggest in Latin America, whose residents are now dreaming of recovering its past glory.

Hemingway legacy writes unifying chapter for US, Cuba: lawmaker

The legendary writer's home in Cuba may be part of his legacy to bring the two nations together.

Cuba taps into high-end luxury tourist market

Cuba attempts to tap into the luxurious tourism market despite its slow economic growth.

Cubans overwhelmingly ratify new socialist constitution

The new constitution will restructure government, adding a prime minister and setting term limits for the president, among other changes.

Three killed, 172 hurt in Havana tornado

President Miguel Diaz-Canel toured the darkened streets of Havana in the pre-dawn hours visiting emergency crews.

Cuba to scrap same-sex marriage law in new constitution

It is a surprising twist given public popular support shown nationwide and earlier remarks from lawmakers in the Americas' only one-party Communist regime.

Cuba set to tighten screws on private sector

Among the most significant moves are new limits on business licenses, with only one allowed per person and per location.

Camila Cabello sweeps MTV Europe awards

She is fresh from winning prestigious prizes at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Camila Cabello leads MTV Europe award nods

The 21-year-old Cuba-born singer is riding high, fresh from winning prestigious prizes at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Camila Cabello leads in nominations for MTV Europe Music Awards

This year Cabello has been nominated in six categories including best song, best video and best artist.

US, Cuba to meet on mystery ‘health attacks’ in Havana

Officials at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, who have repeatedly denounced the US accusations as politically motivated and unproven, has no immediate comment.

Frozen in time, Havana looks to put a modern stamp on...

The Cuban capital will celebrate 500 years in 2019, with an urban restoration plan aiming to give space to modernity while maintaining respect for its vintage character.

Camila Cabello channels Havana for debut L’Oréal makeup collaboration

Camila Cabello is honoring her hometown of Havana once again: not through song this time -- but with a makeup collection for L'Oréal Paris.

Cuba begins to bury its dead from airline disaster

A total of 110 people, including 99 Cubans, died in a Cubana plane crash.

Cuba confirms 110 killed in country’s deadliest plane crash since 1989

110 people were killed in the deadliest plane crash since 1989 when a plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Havana.

Suicidal Tendencies brings hardcore punk to Cuba

Suicidal Tendencies are set to play their first concert in Havana.

Cuban artists stage alternative festival after government delay

The 00Biennial art festival has been set up after the Cuban government postponed the official Havana biennial by a year.

Ex-Bolivian, Colombian presidents say Cuba denied them entry

Former Colombian President Andrés Pastrana and former Bolivian President Jorge Quiroga had gone to Cuba to receive an award on behalf of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas.

US shrinks its Cuba mission after mystery ‘attacks’

Cuba's communist government has angrily denied that it had anything to do with any attack on US personnel, and US officials have been unable to determine the cause of the injuries.

Cuban artist switches Havana’s neon lights back on

Kadir López Nieves' project "Habana Light Neon + Signs" has led to many neon signs across Havana being restored.

Havana one of the world’s 7 Wonder Cities

The certificate of Wonder City from the Swiss foundation New7Wonders was also presented to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), La Paz (Bolivia), Doha (Qatar), Durban (South Africa), Beirut (Lebanon) and Vigan (Philippines).

Obama leaves Cuba, but Obama effect remains

Analysts said that by coming in peace and calling for full restoration of neighborly relations, Obama undermined the decades-old logic that helped keep the Cuban government in power as a self-declared bastion against US imperialism.