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Haze returns to Sri Aman, Miri after respite

'Very unhealthy' air quality recorded in the two towns as Fire and Rescue Department battles more bush fires.

API readings high in Sri Aman and Miri due to forest...

Other towns in Sarawak have 'moderate' air quality.

Severe haze envelopes Kuala Baram in Sarawak

The Air Pollutant Index reading for Miri drops from 'hazardous' to 'very unhealthy'.

Air quality still ‘hazardous’ in Miri, ‘unhealthy’ in Johan Setia

Most parts of the country record 'moderate' to 'good' API readings.

Miri air quality eases but still ‘hazardous’ all day

'Unhealthy' readings at Samarahan and SK Kuala Baram 2, Sarawak, and Johan Setia, Selangor.

Haze expected to clear after mid-September

Frequent rainfall is expected between the third week of September and October.

API reading at Johan Setia, Klang, at unhealthy level

Air quality at another 67 areas reported to be at moderate levels Wednesday.

Indonesia’s Jokowi threatens to sack fire fighters if forest blazes not...

The president notes complaints about haze are once again making headlines in neighbouring countries.

Haze hits Malaysia, no area records ‘good’ air quality

The air quality in Indera Mahkota, Pahang, hits 'unhealthy' level as peat fires in Pekan worsen the situation.

Malaysia calls for Asean action on forest fires

Environment ministry officials will bring up the haze problem at a two-day meeting in Brunei.

As fires burn, can Indonesia avoid repeat of 2015 haze crisis?

There are worries that the haze this year will be worse than the one which followed the devastating fires in 2015.

Forest fires cause ‘unhealthy’ air quality in Pahang town

Smog from Indonesia drifts over western Peninsula and Sarawak, causing hazy skies.

Sarawak girds for possible transboundary haze

As bush fires threaten 150 hectares of forest in Miri, deputy chief minister urges all agencies to be on full alert.

Kuala Terengganu records ‘unhealthy’ air due to haze

Another 66 areas had moderate to severe haze Friday, according to the Malaysian Air Pollution Index.

Fires ravage 42,000 hectares of forest, plantations in Indonesia

The burning of the forests and plantations for agriculture, in addition to open burning, have become a familiar Indonesian trait during the mid-year period.

Haze returns to west coast of peninsula, western Sarawak

This has been blamed on the forest fires in 6 Indonesian provinces.

PIBG lodges police report over pollution fears after school covered in...

The smog, which appears to be coming from a nearby factory, has caused breathing difficulties among students, says PIBG chairman Christina Lai.

Indonesians hope ‘milestone’ ruling will dampen haze-fire risks

New policies include educating and training communities in fire prevention and setting up a Peatland Restoration Agency.

Group questions hazy skies in Penang

SAM says the situation on the ground appears at odds with API readings by the DoE showing moderate numbers.

New shopping tool to help Singaporeans choose ethical palm oil products

EcoCart currently works with three major e-commerce websites, helping consumers and retailers to do their part for the environment.

Canned air and water-spraying drones: Smog remedies

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), majority of Asians live in a polluted world which puts them at a greater risk of falling sick.

Bangkok governor appeals for help reducing toxic smog

Authorities have seeded clouds to provoke rain, sprayed overpasses with water to catch micro-pollutants, and even urged people not to burn incense ahead of Chinese New Year.

Bangkok shuts hundreds of schools as air pollution chokes city

The air quality index, or AQI, reached 170, the seventh worst urban reading globally according to AirVisual.

Solutions, not excuses, needed to tackle haze

More enduring measures are needed, especially if the culprits involved are Malaysian companies.