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Company denies report it burned forests for oil palm

The plantation company says there have been no new development or land-clearing activities within its area of operations.

We stopped open burning on oil palm estates in 1985, says...

Malaysian Palm Oil Association chief executive Nageeb Wahab says open burning has been replaced with chipping of oil palm trees.

Rain will wash away forest fires, says Indonesian agency

The number of hot spots has declined by 78%.

Man-made rain helps lower Indonesia’s hotspots by 90%

Forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan are subsiding now.

No respite from end of haze as open burning continues

Saujana Rawang folk say this has been going on for the past six months.

Genting comes under fire from Greenpeace over alleged links to Kalimantan...

At a gathering outside Wisma Genting, the environment NGO also handed photo evidence on their claims.

306 Malaysian students evacuated from Pekanbaru, Jambi

This follows the declaration of emergency in Riau province because of haze.

Companies linked to haze may be penalised when entering Malaysia, says...

This as Malaysia presently has no extraterritorial jurisdiction, the finance minister says.

‘My soul’s calling’: Indonesian policeman battles forest fires

Toha's work often times goes beyond his scope as a policeman.

Air quality in Klang Valley still unhealthy

Most areas record API readings of above 100 as of 7am.

Lack of outcry over slow poisoning by the haze is astonishing

Malaysians appear to have accepted the annual haze exported by Indonesia and the indiscriminate logging of forests which will have long-term consequences.

‘Slash and burn’ farmers get stern warning

The warning comes after air quality worsened overnight in Johan Setia, Klang, but haze levels dropped in most parts of Malaysia.

We’re not being insensitive to haze, precautions taken, say MFL

MFL working to acquire API tools so readings can be made directly at venues.

Harsher penalties await Indonesian forest burners

Among punishments considered by the government is use of anti-money laundering law.

Classes resume at all schools tomorrow as air pollution eases

Education Ministry says all schools are reminded to follow procedures and give priority to the health of pupils and teachers.

Pollution expert calls for regional law to prevent haze

Lackadaisical attitude towards solving haze crisis caused lack of pre-emptive measures to regulate open burning, says UKM don.

Asthma, conjunctivitis cases continue to rise as a result of haze

However, cases involving upper respiratory tract infection take a dip during the past week.

Air quality in Klang Valley remains unhealthy

Most areas are still well above the 100-mark level while Johan Setia in Klang is still reporting very unhealthy API readings.

Haze-related illnesses up by 40%, says health chief

More cases of conjunctivitis, asthma and skin rashes, but the national disaster centre says easterly winds are expected today or tomorrow to blow away transboundary haze.

Kuching’s cat statue puts on N95 haze dust mask

Kuching South city council reminds the people on measures to cope with the air pollution, with the cat statue providing an example.

Number of hotspots in Sumatra, Kalimantan shoots up

Satellite images capture 777 hotspots in Sumatra and 363 in Kalimantan.

All schools in KL to reopen while 57 in Selangor remain...

The schools that remain closed are in Kuala Langat and Klang, Selangor.

Haze hits morning flights to Ipoh

These involved flights to Singapore by AirAsia and FlyScoot.

API readings indicate unhealthy levels in Sarawak, Selangor, Perak

Several areas see a significant rise in API readings compared with yesterday.