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Haziq’s remand order extended another 3 days

Two businessmen arrested in Shah Alam yesterday have also been remanded for four days.

Azmin’s lawyer shrugs off Haziq’s dare to sue over gay sex...

N Surendran says defence team will not respond to 'attention-seeking taunts'.

Forensic task force to determine authenticity of sex video

The deputy IGP says the task force includes members of the police, MCMC and other agencies.

Cops arrest Haziq at KLIA

The Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz had admitted that he was one of two men filmed engaging in homosexual acts at a hotel last month.

Video seks: Azmin belum dipanggil polis

Timbalan presiden PKR memaklumkan polis belum memanggilnya untuk disoal berhubung video seks sejenis miripnya.

Dr M says sex videos cooked up by those with political...

He says anyone can produce such sex videos. 

Why did he give up political ambitions, wonders Haziq’s ex-colleague

She says the political aide, who confessed to sex with 'minister', had wanted to be a politician himself.

Lebih seminggu Haziq meninggal dunia namun hidung, bibir masih merah dedah...

Ketentuan Allah Haziq menghadap Ilahi dalam keadaan masih berwudhu dan sedang solat.

Mangsa serangan masjid Christchurch Mohd Haziq selamat dikebumikan

Haziq yang sebelum ini dilaporkan hilang dalam tragedi tembakan rambang adalah antar 50 mangsa terkorban