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Tag: health

Thumbs up for new medicine procurement policy for hospitals

It will ensure greater access to medicines at cost-effective prices.

Start super small to make big changes in your life

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine so if you want to change your life, change something you do daily first.

Govt mulling 2-tier pricing system for private hospitals, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says private hospitals should consider measures to reduce costs and pass on the savings to help patients who cannot afford treatment.

Functional training: Is it better than traditional gym machines?

Functional training bases its ethos on taking people away from using gym machines to throwing around medicine balls, or jumping onto boxes.

3 reasons why vaping may kill you faster than cigarettes

It’s time to re-evaluate your choices and quit vaping while you’re still ahead.

Prioritise insurance scheme, NCD treatment in Budget 2020, govt urged

The Malaysian Medical Association and Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy say the government should spend more to ensure citizens stay healthy.

5 ways to keep skin hydrated when using air conditioning

Stop skin from drying out when using the air conditioner through these simple but ingenious ways.  

Understanding Alzheimer’s in seniors

Although there is not one particular known cause of Alzheimer’s disease, age is considered the greatest risk factor.

Juicing for optimal training performance

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise proper juicing.

‘Overworked, understaffed’ health ministry wants more funds

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says a request has been made for more funds to be allocated in the 2020 Budget.

7 ways on how not to be a pain in the...

Performing these few simple exercises can help alleviate your neck pain.

Lack of outcry over slow poisoning by the haze is astonishing

Malaysians appear to have accepted the annual haze exported by Indonesia and the indiscriminate logging of forests which will have long-term consequences.

RM8,000 fine for selling tainted mineral water

Health officer found a higher level of nitrite than permitted, company manager says product has been recalled.

Pollution expert calls for regional law to prevent haze

Lackadaisical attitude towards solving haze crisis caused lack of pre-emptive measures to regulate open burning, says UKM don.

Making a vegan diet as healthy as that of a carnivore’s

Since it's not always easy getting appropriate amounts of certain nutrients from a vegan diet, supplementation is much more efficient.

Haze-related illnesses up by 40%, says health chief

More cases of conjunctivitis, asthma and skin rashes, but the national disaster centre says easterly winds are expected today or tomorrow to blow away transboundary haze.

Malaysian study suggests fats not major heart disease culprit

The study shows restricting carbohydrate consumption may be more beneficial to heart health than restricting total fat consumption.

Increase in asthma, conjunctivitis cases due to haze, says health ministry

It advises children and the elderly to take more precautions.

UN official tells Indonesia to stop deadly fires

Air pollution this year has been the worst since the last major haze outbreak in 2015,

How to potty train a child with special needs

Don't rush potty training because kids with special needs progress at their own pace. Just remember to be patient but persistent.

Creatine: Why the hype?

Here's why the little known creatine is a crucial fitness supplement for muscle growth.

Former Wales captain Thomas explains HIV stance

Gareth Thomas wants to empower people who are suffering from HIV.

220 schools, colleges in Tangkak and Muar closed tomorrow

A total of 40,000 children to stay away from school, after a day of 'very unhealthy' air quality.

Peru’s Fujimori returns to prison after hospitalisation

Fujimori was undergoing tests after an irregular heartbeat as well as from ‘pancreatic cysts.’