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Part 2: Intermittent Fasting – healthy reasons to try it

Here's your chance to liberate yourself from food dependency and give your health a great boost too.

Supporting women’s mental health in the workplace

Employers are now trying to curb workplace stress by offering talking therapies, rest, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Good start but long way to go, experts say ahead of...

Think tank says it is hard to change eating habits with just a tax on sweetened drinks while an entrepreneur says manufacturers need to start giving health priority.

Light exposure during sleep linked to weight gain in women

One of the key findings was that women who slept with a television or a light on in the room were 17% more likely to have gained 5kgs or more during the study period.

Part 1: Intermittent fasting – yay or nay?

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise intermittent fasting.

GPs go ‘on strike’ for higher consultation fees

Some private clinics to be closed on Tuesday, when the health minister holds a townhall meeting with private doctors.

Tackle video game addiction, says expert

Think tank chief says overuse of internet can cause problems but disputes a report saying that it could lead to 'signs of autism'

Stop shaving and boost your health

Keeping a beard not only saves time, it has health benefits too.

Obamacare led to better cancer outcomes

A pair of studies have found that Obamacare led to an increase in early-stage ovarian cancer detections.

New breast cancer drug found to boost survival rates by 30%

The treatment is less toxic than traditional chemotherapy because it more selectively targets cancerous cells, blocking their ability to multiply.

Eating blueberries could be good for your heart

Over the course of six months, the researchers studied the effects of eating blueberries every day in 138 overweight sufferers of Metabolic Syndrome.

Former Australia spinner Robertson battles brain cancer

Robertson faces intense radiation and chemo therapy to contain the cancer.

Top 10 tips for ageing better and living longer

From watching what you eat and drink to learning to laugh more, there are simple and fun ways to grow old gracefully and healthily.

US researchers study self-weighing strategy to help prevent holiday weight gain

People are most susceptible to gaining weight during vacations and during the holidays.

San Francisco closer to opening ‘safe injection’ sites for drug addicts

If approved the bill will allow San Francisco to open the country’s first state-sanction supervise injection sites for intravenous drug users.

Bolivian referee death puts altitude matches under spotlight

Victor Hugo Hurtado collapsed while refereeing a match held at the El Alto municipal stadium which is at 4,090 meters above sea level.

Homemade sunscreen recipes provide insufficient protection says study

American researchers have studied the recipes for homemade sunscreens and their verdict: most of them provide insufficient UV radiation protection.

Alabama rape victim speaks out against anti-abortion bill

Victims of rape shares their story of abortion and what impact it could have had on them if they weren’t able to rid of their pregnancies.

Is circumcision cutting it in today’s modern world?

More adult men are undergoing a circumcision procedure for various reasons.

Omega lambs and fitbit cows: New Zealand responds to alternative protein...

New Zealand farmer Dave Harper feeds his Te Mana lambs special herbs to unlock healthy omega-3 fatty acids in the animals' meat - to curb threats of synthetic-based meat, protein and dairy substitutes as part of the country's future-proofing efforts.

Exercise programme for civil servants great but add diet advice too,...

Two fitness experts and a dietitian say a balanced and nutritious low-calorie diet should complement the exercise sessions to curb obesity among government officers.

Govt hospitals to tie up with private clinics

Health minister says the move will indirectly reduce waiting time at government hospitals.

Sarawak MP backs CM’s move to take over education, health from...

However, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar says the federal government should not use this as an excuse to discontinue providing funds and staff for both ministries in the state.

Better senior health: How to get the most from your doctor

Don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions. Nothing should be off limits. Your doctor, as they say, 'has seen it all before', so don’t be shy.