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Tag: healthcare

The more cities the better for Malaysia, says academic

Hew Gill says the costs of healthcare and education in sparsely populated areas would be higher than in dense cities.

Towards equity and equality in our healthcare

Malaysians are more interested in healthcare policies beneficial towards the middle-income Malaysian, but ignore the underprivileged.

Think tank backs call for review of MySalam

The insurance scheme's poor design naturally excludes a lot of eligible people, says Galen Centre CEO Azrul Mohd Khalib.

Regulate all sellers of health or none

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauticians and those who sell supplements should also be regulated.

Ease hospital crowding with 2 shifts at govt clinics, says doctors’...

MMA president foresees faster service when the burnout suffered by doctors and nurses is reduced.

Are GPs really ‘willing buyers’ in healthcare?

Only when managed care organisations and third party administrators are regulated will some form of fairness be restored for individual GPs.

Learn from India’s experience in controlling medicine prices

India’s experience with price controls shows that in healthcare, there are no quick fixes.

Govt urged to plan exit from private healthcare

A think tank suggests that Putrajaya leave the sector in stages to avoid disrupting the system.

Doctors back move for universal health coverage

Malaysian Medical Association launches Titiwangsa Declaration and begins 100-day campaign for crafting a proposal to the health ministry.

Too many govt hands in the healthcare pie

A campaigner fears the rise of a two-tier system where only the rich can afford good healthcare because of the conflict of interests arising from the government's involvement in private healthcare.

California to provide free healthcare to undocumented immigrants

Adults between the ages of 19 and 25 can qualify for healthcare through Medi-Cal including illegal immigrants.

Nursing home not end of a person’s life, says aged care...

Carol Yip says residents can enjoy their time if these homes have proper facilities and activities.

GPs, the glue that holds the health system together

In spite of the changes around them, GPs are still steadfastly around, doing everything to keep the wheels of the Malaysian healthcare system running smoothly.

Obamacare led to better cancer outcomes

A pair of studies have found that Obamacare led to an increase in early-stage ovarian cancer detections.

GPs, an endangered species?

GP practices have been subject to rising costs for years now but have no avenue to cushion the effects.

Ensure MySalam and Peka B40 meet patient needs

Both schemes appear to fall short, so the government should monitor their implementation and make sure they really benefit the needy in the Bottom 40 group.

Think tank gives PH government C+ for healthcare during its 1st...

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says there have been some significant achievements and some failings.

Shadow of sanctions looms largest over Venezuela’s sick

Sanctions on the Venezuelan economy by the US has cause complications on the sick in the country.

Malaysians ignorant about cholesterol levels, says health ministry

Health Minister Dzulkelfy Ahmad says many Malaysians are not aware they have high cholesterol and that it affects many youths.

The politics of healthcare

Malaysians should be interested in ensuring that health is an issue of high priority on the political agenda and making sure it continues to stay there.

WHO on why healthcare is so expensive

The WHO report points to ways that policy makers, health professionals and citizens alike can continue to strengthen health systems.

For activist, new hospitals in Sarawak still a distant dream despite...

Lawrence Jayaraj, who has been pushing for better healthcare in Sarawak, says there is still no word from the health minister.

Baru pledges to complete work on new Lawas district hospital

Works minister also wants Petra Jaya and Miri hospitals built without further delay.

KPJ Healthcare posts higher profit of RM179 mil for 2018

The KPJ Rawang, KPJ Pasir Gudang and KPJ Bandar Maharani hospitals had recorded high profits during the financial year.