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Balamurugan was police informer for 6 years

He had given many tips to police on car theft cases and had asked police corporal for help after his arrest on Feb 6.

Officers: We did not witness any violence towards Balamurugan

Officers from the Serious Crime Unit say when they left the Bandar Baru Klang police station, Balamurugan and two other detainees were in good condition.

CID ordered Balamurugan’s rearrest, despite his poor health

Investigating officer Inspector Mohd Noor Husri Johari says he was told to rearrest Balamurugan for another robbery case and seek remand the next day.

Witness: Cop told us in lockup, ‘In here, I am the...

He says officer punched and kicked Balamurugan in the chest and legs during questioning.

Balamurugan died in police lock-up, hearing told

Photos displayed during public hearing into his death show him wearing only purple shorts and lying close to the bars of his cell.

Cops ignored detainees’ screams out of respect for superiors

Police officers say they heard shouts of 'help' and 'aduh' coming from the room next door but did not go to check.

Balamurugan’s death: EAIC to call 55 witnesses for public hearing

The hearing session is open to the public and media, says EAIC chairman Yaacob Md Sam.