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Dramatic changes can transform your life

Life is too short to not be following your heart or chasing your dreams.

Bedroom play: Is your heart up to it?

If you've just suffered a heart attack or undergone heart surgery, consult a doctor about when it would be appropriate to resume sexual activity.

Hypertension: Why you should take it seriously

While hypertension is extremely common and can affect patients at any age, especially the elderly, it can be managed by reducing the risk factors.

Cardiovascular diseases: When ‘seeing’ is believing

Patients shown their ultrasound scan results to visualise their level of silent atherosclerosis have displayed reduced cardiovascular risks one year later.

Long periods of sitting may increase risk of cardiovascular disease

New US research has found that older women who spend most of their day sitting down may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Dealing with the financial impact of critical chronic diseases

WHO says the key to address these is to improve the management of its response - detection, early screening and treatment as well as palliative care.

8 breakthrough treatments for heart disease

These heart-disease treatment breakthroughs can potentially pave the way for better prognosis in individuals with cardiovascular diseases.

Coping with the aftermath of cardiac arrest

Besides making lifestyle changes in diet, nutrition and exercise, it is also beneficial to explore your emotions and learn ways to relax.

Ministry: Number of heart specialists will be increased

At present, there are only 30 to 40 cardiologists in government hospitals.

Exercise do’s and don’ts for those with hypertension

Regular light exercise can make a world of difference to your blood pressure, and consequently prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

International Coffee Day 2018: how your daily caffeine fix might also...

Here are some recent findings suggesting that coffee may also bring a variety of health benefits.

World Heart Day 2018: Five ways to improve heart health

Here's some research detailing that certain lifestyle changes can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and improve heart health.

Keeping a regular sleep pattern may be good for heart health

Participants with irregular sleep patterns were more likely to be obese, had higher blood sugar, higher blood pressure, and risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Better medical facilities now thanks to my heart, says Dr M

The prime minister jokingly takes credit for the improvement in Malaysia's medical facilities following his 2006 heart attack.

Dodgers’ Jansen might need off-season heart procedure

Kenley Jansen of the Los Angeles Dodgers was briefly hospitalised last week due to an irregular heartbeat.

Study: Women more likely to die of heart attack if doctor...

When women were treated by female doctors, "there was a significant and positive effect" on survival.

China orders medical institutions not to use recalled valsartan drug

Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical, is recalling the valsartan drug sold in the US after the European Medicines Agency found it was tainted with an impurity linked to cancer.

Onsite defibrillators help to increase cardiac arrest survival

AEDs raise the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest.

Walking ability before heart surgery tied to brain function afterward

Physical frailty and cognitive decline before surgery have long been linked to worse outcomes afterward.

Marriage is (literally) good for the heart, study shows

A sweeping survey of research conducted over the last two decades covering more than two million people aged 42 to 77 found that being hitched significantly reduced the risk of both maladies.

Dogs born in summer prone to heart disease, study says

The findings of the study may also have implications for human cardiovascular health.

Stolen heart of Dublin’s patron saint returned intact

The heart of Laurence O'Toole had been stolen in 2012.

Italy’s ex-president Napolitano has emergency heart surgery

Giorgio Napolitano underwent surgery for a ruptured aorta.

Magnetic fields in electric cars don’t seem to cause pacemaker problems

Electromagnetic fields produced by motors in electric cars are too weak to affect pacemakers and defibrillators.