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Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Heatwaves kill coral reefs faster than you think

A new study finds that severe marine heatwaves can actually degrade the skeletal structure of corals, potentially killing the organisms in a matter of days or weeks.

July 2019 hottest month globally ever recorded, says EU

'With continued greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting impact on global temperatures, records will continue to be broken in the future,' a head scientist says.

How to climate-proof Paris’ architectural jewels

It may even be Paris' unique architectural integrity that makes adapting to warmer climates such a challenge: 80% of its buildings were built before 1945.

Nordic countries sizzle as European heatwave moves north

The World Meteorological Organization says forecasts indicated that atmospheric flows would transport the heat from Europe to Greenland 'resulting in high temperatures and consequently enhanced melting'.

Mercury tops 45°C in France as deadly heatwave roasts Europe

Europe swelters in an early summer heatwave that has already caused several deaths.

Europeans on alert as heatwave intensifies

Authorities raise alerts as Europe's record-breaking June heatwave threatened to intensify with temperatures heading into 40 degrees Celsius.

Sydney imposes first water restrictions in decade

Sydney announces its first major water restrictions in a decade, putting limits on homes and businesses amid a record-breaking drought.

Alaska bakes under heat wave linked to climate change

Local residents say their biggest concern is 'the speed of change and being able to cope'.

Hot days ahead, but met says temp won’t touch 40°C

Temperatures in the Klang Valley showing between 35 and 36°C despite some reporting readings of 40°C and above.

2018 4th hottest year on record, say researchers

Temperatures in 2018 were around 1.16°C above the average temperature of the 2nd half of the 19th century.

Ties with Japan will be raised to higher level, says Saifuddin

Foreign minister says this is in line with importance being given to Malaysia's relationship with Japan and Look East Policy 2.0.

Japan considering daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics amid heat concerns

A scorching heat wave in Japan has raised questions about the decision to hold 2020 Olympics during July and August, typically the hottest and most humid months of the year, and the health risks that poses for athletes and spectators.

The heat wave sent US power demand surging to highest in...

Electricity demand across the eastern power market run by PJM Interconnection LLC reached 144,557 megawatts Tuesday afternoon as people blasted their air conditioners and fans to keep cool.

Six dead in Montréal since start of heat wave

A heat warning has been issued for southern Quebec, which includes Montréal.

Heat wave sizzles US Midwest, East Coast

The heat wave put over 113 million Americans under heat warnings or advisories.

World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather

The increase in the frequency of extreme weather events is due to the effects of climate change.

Heat wave forces Tour Down Under stage to be shortened

The intense heat in South Australia compelled organizers to shorten the third stage by 26 kilometres.

Equinox phenomenon? Yes, but don’t expect heat wave

Weather man says a slight hike in temperature is expected but it won't be as bad as spread over social media.

Productivity to drop in Asia Pacific due to heat stress

Global studies show almost 20% of annual work hours may be lost in heat-exposed jobs.

Snakes seeking shade in schools and playgrounds

Lecturer says school canteens a good location, protected from the sun, with food like rats and frogs readily available.

Chuping broils in 37-degree heat from El Nino

Cloud-seeding brings rain in some areas, but drought in three towns for more than 10 days.

Cloud-seeding for Perlis as dam level sinks

Water level drops below critical level to 26.34m after weeks of drought.

Heat wave stops Harum Manis exports to Japan

FAMA expects 60 per cent drop in production this year, most of it to be kept for local markets

Fresh fish for the picking on Bachok beaches

Shoals of dead ikan gelama wash ashore believed to be from higher sea temperatures from El Nino heat wave.