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Helicopters at highest risk from drones, report shows

Risks are further increased because helicopters are often flown in urban areas where the margin for error is small.

Lockheed’s troubled helicopter making progress, gets US$79 million

The programme is on track to meet a late 2021 date for an initial operational capability, says its programme manager.

Why being a ‘helicopter mom’ is detrimental to your child

Helicopter parenting is when parents hover over their children, watching their every move and setting too high standards of success.

Venezuelan army helicopter crashes near Caracas, killing seven

All those aboard of the helicopter were killed, the cause of the crash is still being investigated.

Sabah to have nation’s first water village fire-fighting unit

The unit, to be based in Semporna, will focus on fire fighting and rescue operations in the many water settlements in Sabah.

Leicester City chopper crash investigators say tail rotor controls failed

The aircraft reached an altitude of approximately 430ft before veering to the right and plummeting to the ground just outside the stadium.

Leicester to pay heartfelt tribute to Thai owner killed in crash

Schmeichel has been especially affected, having watched the helicopter take off from the pitch before it appeared to go into a fateful spin.

Gray lifts grief-stricken Leicester, Liverpool top after Arsenal draw

On any other weekend, the showdown between revitalised Arsenal and title-chasing Liverpool would have hogged the spotlight which instead shone on Leicester.

Vardy urges Leicester to ‘do Vichai proud’ after helicopter tragedy

Vardy and his Leicester teammates have posted regular messages online as tribute.

Police say drone not cause of Leicester helicopter crash as black...

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said it had recovered the flight data recorder and would remain in the city until the end of the week before transporting the wreckage to its facilities in Farnborough.

Leicester City owner and 4 others killed in helicopter crash

The aircraft came down in a car park near the King Power stadium about an hour after the end of Leicester City's game against West Ham United.

Helicopter owned by Leicester City’s Thai chairman crashes

The helicopter crashed after Saturday's game against West Ham in the Premier League club's car park.

Helicopter jailbreak gangster arrested in France

The escape, which brings to at least five the number of jailbreaks in France in the past three decades involving helicopters, prompted a heated debate about whether the country's prisons are secure enough.

Six killed in Nepal chopper crash

The single-pilot Kathmandu-bound Altitude Air helicopter was carrying six passengers, including a Japanese trekker, when it lost contact with air traffic control.

2 pilots escape death in copter crash at Subang

The helicopter crashed on grassy ground at the helicentre at Subang airport this morning.

Helicopter with 9 aboard crashes in central Japan

Aerial footage broadcast on Japanese TV showed the wreckage of the crashed helicopter surrounded by trees in Gunma prefecture, northwest of Tokyo.

First boys rescued from cave healthy, demand fried rice in hospital

Divers have resumed operations to bring out the remaining members of the group.

Thai helicopters, divers search for 29 from sunken tourist boat

Rescuers in Thailand deployed helicopters on Friday in a search for 29 people still missing after the sinking of a tourist boat off the island of Phuket, as the death toll in the incident rose to 27.

Metal fatigue caused fatal Airbus helicopter crash, Norway final report says

The 2016 crash occurred after the Super Puma’s main rotor blades separated from the helicopter as it was ferrying passengers from a Norwegian offshore oil platform operated by Equinor.

Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for...

The Kaga, which will be accompanied by an escort ship, may also conduct ad hoc joint drills with warships from other counties in the region, they said.

French gangster flees prison in spectacular helicopter escape

Two gunmen jumped from the helicopter to free Faid from the visitors' room where he was meeting one of his brothers before escaping in the helicopter, she said. A third gunman had stayed in the helicopter with the pilot, who had been taken hostage.

Mat Sabu cries foul over helicopter claim

A Facebook user claims new minister used government helicopter, together with his wife and family, to celebrate Hari Raya in Jejawi, Perlis.

Helicopter taxi apps offer escape from traffic-choked cities

Around the world, helicopter-hailing apps are helping passengers beat traffic.

PAS hopes to soar high with wau in rural Kedah

It is becoming creative with its use of green flags to draw the attention of voters.