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What to do when a loved one suffers from depression

Your support can make a big impact on your family member’s recovery from depression.

Breast cancer: Even men are susceptible to it

It is estimated that a little less than 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in men, with one in 1,000 men diagnosed with this critical illness.

Put your cigarette out before it puts you out

Wait no more. There is ample support and numerous benefits for you to quit smoking. 

An uncomfortable bra can be a sign of breast cancer

For a woman, the focus should be always on constant checks for breast cancer.

Should you get pregnant after breast cancer?

Is childbirth possible or even encouraged after breast cancer?

Smoking ban in eateries is a breath of fresh air

The nation-wide ban will make smoking cigarettes in eateries a thing of the past.

3 reasons why vaping may kill you faster than cigarettes

It’s time to re-evaluate your choices and quit vaping while you’re still ahead.

5 ways to keep skin hydrated when using air conditioning

Stop skin from drying out when using the air conditioner through these simple but ingenious ways.  

Understanding Alzheimer’s in seniors

Although there is not one particular known cause of Alzheimer’s disease, age is considered the greatest risk factor.

7 ways on how not to be a pain in the...

Performing these few simple exercises can help alleviate your neck pain.

Why you should moisturise your feet

When it comes to your feet, preventive steps are always better than delayed cure.

6 ways to keep healthy despite having depression

Here are some effective ways to motivate you to be stronger and keep healthy.

How to potty train a child with special needs

Don't rush potty training because kids with special needs progress at their own pace. Just remember to be patient but persistent.

Are you at risk for HIV?

Although HIV can affect anyone of any race, some people are more vulnerable than others.

Your smartphone can give you haemorrhoids

Prolonged use of your smartphone while on the toilet seat can contribute to haemorrhoids.

Pricking your way to health with acupuncture

Acupuncture can promote the balance and health of your body.

Don’t ignore that painless genital ulcer

With each partner you engage in sex, you are exposed to sexual transmitted diseases.

Best not to grow some balls

Larger than normal testes are one of the most common signs of Fragile X syndrome.

Bedroom play: Is your heart up to it?

If you've just suffered a heart attack or undergone heart surgery, consult a doctor about when it would be appropriate to resume sexual activity.

Eating meat when pregnant: Is it a healthy choice?

There is no need to stop eating meat when pregnant provided you store, prepare and cook your proteins in the right way.

Why the elderly suffer from dry and itchy skin

Skin, like many other organs, undergoes deterioration with the passage of time.

Radiation and pregnancy: What’s dangerous and what’s not

The kind of radiation that can seriously harm you comes from radiation extremes.

Does green tea aid pregnancy?

Studies say drinking green tea increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Why you could fail a breathalyser test after eating durian

Apparently the same happens with white bread, pecans, macadamias, ripe fruit, protein bars, mouth wash, and cough syrup.