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Michael Jackson art show opens in Finland despite controversy

Some organisations refused to sponsor the exhibition over concerns about controversies surrounding Michael Jackson.

Finland govt resigns

The move came after it failed to push through crucial heath and social care reforms.

Finland’s ‘ode’ to a new era in libraries

It is a huge, flowing structure of wood and glass sitting on a prime spot in the city centre, directly opposite the Finnish parliament.

Ramasamy helped achieve peace, says ex-Aceh rebels

Expressing shock that some Malaysian groups are linking Ramasamy to terrorism, Gerakan Aceh Merdeka says he played a pivotal role in achieving peace in Aceh in 2005.

Trump invites Putin to Washington despite US uproar over Helsinki summit

What happened at Monday's one-on-one between Trump and Putin with only interpreters present remained a mystery, even to top officials and US lawmakers who said they had not been briefed.

Trump ends wild Europe trip with Putin embrace after pummeling allies.

Trump's trip to Belgium, Britain and Finland was marked by his frequent taunts and threats aimed at America's NATO allies.

Trump, after Helsinki summit, says he has confidence in US intelligence

US lawmakers roundly condemned Trump for his comments at a news conference with Putin where he cast doubt on his own intelligence agencies' findings that Russia meddled with the 2016 US presidential election.

Trump meets Putin after denouncing past US policy on Russia

Before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump claimed to want to improve relations between the US and Russia.

Finns take to the streets to protest before Trump-Putin meeting

As US President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin prepare to meet in Helsinki on Monday, thousands of Finns took to the streets.

Trump and Putin to hold first summit talks as twitchy West...

The two men, who have praised each other's leadership qualities from afar, could also agree to start restocking their respective embassies and returning confiscated diplomatic property.

Trump says Putin “competitor”, not enemy

Trump's comparatively warm words about Putin were particularly noteworthy given the harsh criticism he levelled at allies during the NATO summit.

Trump, Putin may agree to resume stalled arms control talks

Former US officials, arms control experts and diplomats do not expect a decision on New Start renewal or the INF Treaty at Helsinki but rather, at best, a deal for experts to take up the issues.

Uber returns to Finnish roads after taxi market deregulation

The US company has come under pressure from traditional taxi drivers and regulators across Europe, who accuse it of unfair competition and skirting traditional licensing rules.

Trump says will raise election meddling with Putin in Helsinki meeting

Trump also said he would discuss the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine and other international issues with Putin during the July 16 summit.

Kremlin – Putin, Trump to discuss Syria at July meeting

The meeting, to be held on July 16 in Helsinki, is likely to worry some US allies, particularly those who want to isolate Russia on the international stage.

Trump, Putin to meet on July 16 in Helsinki

Trump had said on Wednesday the meeting would likely take place after a July 11-12 summit of NATO leaders and that the Finnish capital was a possible venue.

Helsinki possible location for Trump-Putin summit

The senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said while Helsinki was the likeliest choice, the final decision depended on the outcome of talks Bolton is having with the Russians.

Top US, Russian military brass to meet in Helsinki

Generals Joe Dunford and Valery Gerasimov, of the United States and Russia respectively, will discuss the prevention of escalation of conflicts.

Transgender man gives birth in Finland first

Man in his 30s had cancelled his sex change surgery, to complete his male physical transition, to try and get pregnant with his husband.

Finnish police ask Spain for info on Puigdemont arrest warrant

Puigdemont has been due to leave Finland on Saturday afternoon, but his exact whereabouts were unknown.

Harith can be world’s No 1 funny man if you keep...

Malaysian comedian says the Filipino contestant might have an edge over him due to the country's population and more people online.

Kit Siang praises Harith for ‘beating clowns in Parliament’

DAP leader expects stand-up comedian to win in Helsinki tonight after surviving stiff competition at home from ministers and deputy ministers.

Harith in the lead for ‘Funniest Person in the World’

The comedian has garnered close to two million votes in online voting for Laugh Factory's global competition.