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Tag: heritage

Talk to us, Kampung Baru owners urge minister

The government has only listened to one side, they say, and call for a heart-to-heart meeting with Khalid Samad.

Terengganu urged to declare Tasik Kenyir a geopark

A researcher says ecotourism can save the area with farms being left idle as young people migrate to cities.

Penang marks 100 years of quenching thirsts from a window

Five generations of the Seeni Rawther family have been serving a distinctive sherbet of syrup and coconut.

Villagers stay strong, vow to rebuild Sungai Lembing

The row of wooden shophouses and single-storey terrace houses destroyed in a fire on Saturday was a symbol of the village and drew visitors, says Yong Siew Meng.

45 Speak Vezy Bar: Delicious ‘lok-lok’ with a swig of beer

Nestled in a pre-war shophouse, this bar has a large selection of fresh and healthy skewers to choose from.

Book on royal traditions of Perak goes for RM399 a copy

960-page book on ceremonial royal traditions took 20 years to complete, says author.

Arcane secrets city slickers need to survive the jungle, direct from...

From blowpipes to nose flutes, Jungle School shows tenderfoots how to get out alive.

Century-old fire station goes back to its old look

Fire and Rescue Department staff take the initiative to restore the signage in accordance with heritage zone plans.

Why rent shoplots for traditional traders to hotel operator, Penang council...

Gerakan says the city council cannot deny it does not know what is going on and asks why the ground floors of the restored shoplots still remain vacant one year on.

Melaka’s balls of deliciousness

Melaka is renowned for its unique rendition of chicken rice.

Of sepoys and spices: The success story of a Penang dynasty

Fabulous wealth and great acts of charity mark the family history of the Shaiks of Penang.

Call it Kampung Harmoni instead, says Brickfields RT chief

S Kanakiahnaidu says minister Mujahid's idea of renaming a road as Jalan Harmoni may lead to people kicking up a fuss.

Stories of a fading culture, told on arms and legs

After more than 200 years, the art of 'Pantang Iban' (Iban traditional tattoos) is slowly dying among the younger generation who have converted to Christianity.

MP: Protect Kampung Baru from foreign influx

Rina Harun says the long-standing issue must be resolved immediately to protect jobs and business interests of local residents.

Perak MB ‘not pressured’ by Orang Asli land demands

State has been lenient and will not demolish houses of those who illegally occupied land, says Perak MB.

Tough times no match for KL’s candy uncle

At 74, Boo Long Tee runs Chiap Tong, one of the oldest biscuit and candy shops in the city, and he has no plans to retire.

Penang’s iconic town hall in sorry state

Neglected grade 1-listed national historic monument is in a bad state of disrepair.

Alor Setar: A heritage trail with a tale to tell

Self-guided Alor Setar Heritage Trail shows off some of the best sights Kedah's capital has to offer.

Malaysia’s heritage foods to be nominated for Unesco recognition

This is the first of a two-part article on the National Heritage Department’s effort to preserve local traditional foods.

Once-bustling Baghdad boulevard dallies in disrepair

Old cinemas, artisan shops and smoky cafes are lined within the Rasheed Street, which is a cultural street at risk of being forgotten.

Once-bustling Baghdad boulevard dallies in disrepair

Once a crowded establishment with blaring Arabic music, the Umm Kulthum Cafe now risks closure after years of violence and bloodshed have driven away customers.

Saudi music festival spotlights pre-Islamic heritage

Hosted by the Al-Ula governorate, "Winter at Tantora" is the latest music carnival in the Islamic kingdom.

Unnamed stall in Melaka serves the most amazing Rojak

Quietly going about its business, the Rojak, Mee Rebus and Apom Balik served here is so ridiculously delicious, is it always bustling with happy customers.

Mufti’s call to act on illegal temples too simplistic, says historian

V Nadarajan says newer illegal temples should be torn down, but old ones should be spared.