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Kek Lapis: Saluting its sweet heritage

Originally from Betawi, Indonesia, Sarawakians have put their own spin on this moist, sweet dessert that locals and tourists alike clamour for now.

Gotta see it: Top attractions in Singapore

From its world-class zoo to beautiful botanical gardens and Marina Bay Sands, there is also the Jurong Bird Park and a host of fascinating museums.

In Kampung Chetti, remaining families fear losing their heritage and their...

The historic Melaka settlement faces encroaching development and the loss of its young ones to the glitz of the city.

Kampar’s artisans struggle against a fading town and indifferent heirs

With its tin mining riches gone, the main road diverted elsewhere and the local kids heading for the bright lights of the city, what future for this small town’s traditional businesses?

Racing to rescue derelict heritage buildings from uncaring development

Peggy Lim’s family mission to accurately restore decaying Ipoh buildings relies on fading local memories

Former govt to blame for Carcosa’s ‘horrible’ condition, says building manager

The company managing the historic mansion says it was shocked to see the building's condition when it took over last year.

Rush to visit Franco’s tomb before his remains are moved

Visitor numbers to the site have soared since Spain's new Socialist government announced shortly after it came to power in June that it will remove Franco's remains from the basilica.

Morocco’s ancient city of Volubilis rises again

The site, nestled among olive groves near the city of Meknes, boasts a new museum and visitor centre and has been attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

On maiden visit to Sabah, Waytha listens to kampung poor

Rungus community members ask unity minister for simple, practical things: more kindergartens, a public toilet, a workshop kitchen.

Resort plans put Jerejak heritage status in doubt

Deputy tourism minister to write to Penang chief minister about plans for luxury development on former leper colony island.

After Wimbledon, real tennis cuts to the chase

On a court originally built in 1530 for King Henry VIII, the top players are laying chases and hitting boomerangs, giraffes and railroads -- some of the sport's quirky moves.

Love your 130-million-year-old icon, CM tells Penangites

It's just 10 minutes away from the city, says Chow Kon Yeow, who wants locals to appreciate the natural heritage.

Federal Hill’s place in history as Malayan federation landmark

It is the largest site of old government quarters, part of the history of the Federated Malay States and Malaya, and the largest remaining urban forest in the KL city centre.

Are Sabah ministers not speaking to each other?

The U-turn over Tanjung Aru Eco Development shows a lack of communication between the Chief Minister and ministers who once campaigned against the project.

Adelaide mayor amazed at Penang’s heritage conservation efforts

Martin Haese says his official visit to Adelaide’s sister city of Penang was to learn more about the city’s heritage and cultural tourism.

Saudi bid to protect pre-Islamic sites upends religious dictates

Saudi Arabia has been preserving its heritage sites as part of a reform bid launched by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman.

Penang’s last living joss sticks maker tells his tale

90-year-old Lee Beng Chuan is passionate about keeping the dying art of handmade joss sticks alive despite technology taking over the industry.

Remains of ancient Arab city in Spain gets UNESCO heritage status

UNESCO described the city as "a model social project" expressing "a modern vision of the relationship between industrial production and architecture".

Climate change sinking Arctic archaeological treasures

But with faster and more severe climate change in the poles than the rest of the world, the situation has become desperate, with far more sites that will soon be lost than scientists have the time or resources to document.

Glimmer of hope for Romania’s faded architectural gems

Described by the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I as "Europe's most beautiful spa resort", Herculane was a favourite spot of the Romans, who were fans of the 'miraculous' benefits of its thermal mineral waters.

CM Chow has a free hand, but is willing to listen

In the past, government decisions were made without other parties being heard, but now Chow says he will open up channels to other parties, not just the DAP, for a more inclusive leadership.

Paris open-air booksellers seek UNESCO status

Nearly 1,000 stalls belonging to 226 registered booksellers stretch along both sides of the riverbanks -- which have already been on UNESCO's heritage list since 1991.

Exhibition offers glimpse of ‘beautiful and irregular’ George Town

An exhibition, held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of George Town’s listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site, showcases, among others, the certificate of inscription.

Who’s a native in Sabah? State ministry defers an answer

Kadazan-Dusun, Murut and other groups are not specifically named in the Interpretation Ordinance but an assistant minister says the matter is important but not of immediate priority.