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Tag: heritage

Activist: Don’t stop renovation of Sultan Abdul Samad building

Heritage conservationist Ahmad Najib Ariffin says the project must be continued to preserve historical buildings.

George Town gets link to Vincent van Gogh city

Penang state government signs an agreement on developing sister-city ties with Arles in the Cote d'Azure.

Mahathir sees many shops, same items at new Pekan Rabu

Prime minister drops by at Alor Setar's shopping area, now in a new building, as he usually does during Ramadan.

A Look East touch for songkoks in Mahathir style

Sardi Sahar came up with the idea in 2008 and has seen demand rise, especially in Johor, after Mahathir became PM again.

Activist: Give tax exemption for patrons of the arts

Eddin Khoo on a philistine corporate culture and a government that looks at culture as a way of making money.

Teng: BN manifesto is based on the people’s demands

Tanjung Bunga candidate questions Pakatan's sincerity, with 51 pledges unfulfilled in the past 10 years.

Remembering Dato Koyah, miracle worker of Penang

19th century Dato Koyah mausoleum will be reopened today after a meticulous three-year restoration project.

Crocodiles guard secrets of Pakistan’s lost African past

For many Siddis, who are Pakistanis of African descent, an annual festival at a Karachi shrine is an opportunity to reconnect with their heritage.

Nazri: Have floor prices for flights too, not just ceiling fares

Federal minister says floor prices are needed to avoid airlines dropping fares too low and affecting other operators.

After 3-year delay, Sia Boey set to be ‘reborn’

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says first phase of restoration is expected to be completed in August.

London mosques get listed status celebrating Muslim heritage

Two London mosques were given special listed status Tuesday in recognition of their architectural and historic importance.

Soul-searching as symbol of 70s Singapore faces demolition

Pearl Bank and other buildings from the era are held dear by some Singaporeans as a reminder of the country's blistering development after independence in 1965.

Two 200-year-old cannons found at Fort Cornwallis

USM team at historical site in Penang makes surprise discovery during excavation of the moat and outer defensive structures of the fort yesterday.

Penang Free School now a national heritage

Founded in 1816, former Old Frees include the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and P. Ramlee.

Singapore risks destroying past in race to build, warns top archaeologist

Lim Chen Sian says battle to safeguard Singapore's buried treasures is an uphill one.

Malaysian Portuguese in KL yearns for her roots during Christmas

Eveline Michelle Spykerman wishes to preserve her Portuguese heritage as much as she can before it completely disappears.

What’s the point of Melaka monorail, ask DAP rep, tourists

They ask who would pay RM10 to ride a monorail to 'no where' when the Melaka river cruise costs the same amount of money and is more entertaining.

Penang Botanic Gardens to get Singapore’s expertise soon

It will learn from the best practices of its counterpart in Singapore under a MoU to be signed in January.

Nation without cultural heritage lacks identity, says Rais

Former minister Rais Yatim urges Kelantan government to recognise importance of preservation of history and culture, and lift ban on Mak Yong.

Firemen rescue woman trapped in flaming shophouse

Firemen save the worker, in her 30s, after she is found unconscious from smoke inhalation due to the raging fire at the George Town world heritage site.

One year on, Sia Boey’s historic shophouses remain in shambles

Penang government gives assurance that action has been taken to strengthen the 24 shophouses at the once famous Victorian-era market area.

Family wants 97-year-old home preserved as heritage site

Family member Jimmy Sidhu hopes Selangor MB will intervene and stop house from being demolished on Sept 20.

Heritage buildings: Lim wants less criticism, more action

Penang chief minister donates RM200,000 to restore a 119-year old Chinese temple in Chulia Street where ‘inaccurate’ repair works were made.

Danny’s grave ‘exhumed’ and cleared, says Penang heritage body

State heritage agency assures that Penang’s oldest cemetery is in its original condition following concerns that a movie production crew had built a grave-like concrete structure there.