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Dadah lebih RM950,000 ditemui dalam durian sejuk beku

Seorang wanita berusia 34 tahun yang mengurus penghantaran durian berkenaan direman lima hari untuk siasatan mengikut Seksyen 39B Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952.

Viet woman and two Iranians held, RM1.4mil in drugs seized

1kg of ketamin in a Mercedes-Benz, and 25kg of syabu, a pistol and bullets found in raids on two condos.

RM1.2 mil in heroin base seized, 2 men held

Police say the men were paid RM10,000 each to ferry the drug through the Kelantan-Thai border.

Indonesia set to free Bali Nine drug smuggler Lawrence

The only female member of an Australian gang that smuggled heroin into Indonesia s set to be released from prison next week.

Emergent BioSolutions to buy Narcan maker Adapt Pharma

Narcan, often carried by police officers and medical teams, contains the chemical naloxone hydrochloride and was approved as a nasal spray in 2015.

Penjenayah larikan 50kg dadah dari pejabat kastam

Ketua pengarah kastam berkata, 7 kotak yang disyaki mengandungi ketamin dan heroin itu ialah barang rampasan kastam daripada sebuah kontena ditahan di Pelabuhan Westport, Klang, baru-baru ini.

Death row inmate gets discharge for drug possession

Checks by prison warders found drugs concealed in and outside Roslan Husain’s cell.

Heroin killed British rugby players in Sri Lanka, court says

Thomas Howard, 25, died from heroin poisoning, while Tom Baty, 26, overdosed.

Heroin is one of biggest Mozambique exports, researchers say

As much as US$800 million worth of the narcotic is shipped annually from its beaches to neighbouring countries and to Europe.

Report: Aussies arrest Malaysia Airlines staff for heroin smuggling

The flight attendant was reportedly detained for smuggling 3.5kg of heroin worth US$1.4 million into the country.

Mexican cartel leader’s wife captured, government says

Rosalinda Gonzalez Valencia, the wife of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias "El Mencho," was taken into custody by Mexican navy agents, the minister said.

Colombian vet charged in US with smuggling heroin in puppies’ bellies

Andrés López Elorez allegedly smuggled heroin into the US from Colombia by surgically implanting packets of liquid heroin into puppies' bellies.

Muezzin nabbed for drugs

National Anti-Drug Agency seizes 2.75g of heroin from the 38-year-old, who has been handed over to the police.

Lorry with 280kg heroin seized just before entry into Kelantan

Two local men from the Pattani province nabbed in operation.

Vietnam police seize $2.5 million heroin in China border drug bust

Five men were arrested after attempting to smuggle almost 100 kilogrammes of heroin into China.

Myanmar makes record drug bust with 30 million meth pills

A total estimate of US$54 million worth of drugs were seized by authorities, which was one-fifth of the amount of narcotics seized in the country in all of 2017.

Over 100 detained in anti-drug sting

Cops also seized various drugs as well as cash and vehicles.

DJ tempatan, Geetha terus warnai industri filem India

Filem bergenre seram komedi, Sangu Chakkaram membawa Geetha sebagai watak utama iaitu sebagai seorang ibu dan hantu.

Vietnam cops seize US$3 million heroin hidden in tea packets

The drugs were smuggled over from Laos and packed into scores of packets of Thai branded tea.

Death rates soar among people hospitalized for opioids

Death rates among those hospitalized for opioids have leapt from 0.43% to 2.02%.

Malaysian caught with 1kg of heroin at Woodlands

Drugs were in two bundles under the seat of the man's motorcycle.

Cartels in Southeast Asia turning to synthetic drugs

Crystal meth, 'yaba' overtakes opium-based drugs, as UN representative says drug manufacturers generating about US$30-US$35 bil a year.

Pasangan suami isteri pakar proses dadah ditahan

Pasangan yang terbabit dalam kegiatan itu sejak setahun lepas, menjadikan rumah sewa mereka sebagai makmal memproses dadah.

81 Nigerians on death row in Malaysia, says report

Many Nigerian drug couriers, including students in Malaysia and Thailand, are reportedly involved in the global cocaine, heroin and meth business operated by drug lords in Nigeria.