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Tag: high-risk

6 things to know when investing for the first time

Besides checking for scams, do your research and start with low-risk investments first.

A quick guide to what you can invest in with RM1,000

Before you invest, pick your risk profile – do you want to play it safe but get low returns, or play it risky and get high returns?

420 schools nationwide at risk of drug abuse problem

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan says if the problem is ignored, the drug menace will worsen, making it difficult to control.

2,000 schools nationwide in drug-risk areas

Students at 400 of the schools are involved with drugs, says the National Anti-Drug Agency.

Call to have pyschometric test for high-risk govt positions

The test is to identify the profile of a civil servant and his level of integrity before being appointed to a position, says Malaysian Institute of Integrity.