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Tag: higher education

UM jumps 17 spots in latest varsity ranking

US universities continue to dominate, while two from Singapore miss the top 10 by one spot.

DAP is all for marks but ignores education imbalance, says ex-minister

Former higher education minister says total equality would sideline the less fortunate.

UM becomes first local uni to make it to Asia’s top...

Universiti Malaya jumps eight places in the Asian category.

Government-owned education agency looks for fresh start in revamp

Education Malaysia Global Services says it is already implementing a new business model that will be more inclusive of all stakeholders.

Private universities facing major financial crisis, need help

The financial landscape is putting a great deal of stress on private universities and if things get worse many may not survive.

The fallacy of ‘academic freedom’ in Malaysia

Academic freedom has always existed in public universities – the question is whether academics are willing to pay the price.

Maszlee warns education ministry staff who sabotage reforms

He says the fact that former minister Idris Jusoh knew of his meeting with vice-chancellors shows there are staff who still report to former BN ministers.

Give scholarships to attract foreign students, says education firm

Education Malaysia Global Services CEO Rujhan Mustafa says one way to attract more foreign students is by giving them full or partial scholarships.

Shift varsities’ focus towards rebuilding Malaysia

Funds should be allocated to tertiary education scholarships, research and community enhancement projects on the subject of race and religious understanding.

Netherlands moves to halt spread of English in universities

Lecturers' union BON sued Twente University and the University of Maastricht for conducting too many courses in English.

Chile’s students launch first protest under Piñera administration

The protest was targeted at profit-making in higher education.

No degree? No problem, say employers

Malaysian Employers Federation chief Shamsuddin Bardan says experience is still the most critical issue for employers when they choose who to hire.

‘Malaysia still a top higher learning destination’

Higher education director-general Siti Hamisah Tapsir says 177,000 foreign students were accepted at 10 international campuses as of December.

‘Local academics not vocal enough on national issues’

Move, an independent organisation for academics and researchers, says the country’s scholars should do more to comment on issues and question the authorities.

Najib: Some DAP leaders graduated from MCA funded institutions

Prime minister cites politicians such as Teresa Kok, Chong Eng and Teo Kok Seong as among alumni who benefitted from the quality higher education provided by Barisan Nasional party.

We’ll investigate varsities over Oman ban, says minister

Minister Idris Jusoh gives assurance as ministry will not compromise on quality of education taught at tertiary level.

‘Our women more successful in many fields than anywhere else’

PM says there are more women pursuing higher education and wonders what has happened to the men.

Think tank calls for cut in number of varsities

Otherwise, the number of unemployed graduates will keep increasing, says Razak Baginda.

Look beyond yourselves, university prof tells academics

UCSI professor Tajuddin Rasdi says lecturers should not only think of their pockets as their professions go beyond just ensuring their financial comfort.

Go for hybrid education system, suggests Razak Baginda

He says there should be 50% vocational and 50% academic training, including at university level.

Public varsities collect RM1.85 bil through endowment funds

Contributions obtained from individuals and companies to run universities.

Local universities: An honest reflection

Although there are a number of public universities that are globally recognised, yet there are still many aspects which still require improvement.

Activist questions action against PTPTN defaulters

Adam Adli defends former students who neglect education loan repayment in favour of car, housing loans for fear of losing these assets.

4 research varsities listed among top 23 in the world

The varsities are Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).