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Daripada berhijab kini dedah sebahagian tubuhnya

Zarina Anjoulie yang sebelum ini bertudung kembali cetus kontroversi kerana tampil mendedahkan sebahagian daripada badannya.

NBA champion Raptors launch branded sports hijab

The idea of the sports hijab came from a story on how the Raptors were connecting with their diverse group of fans during their NBA Championship run.

Hijab but no helmet, Indonesian woman conquers Wall of Death

While it can be difficult to make ends meet, Devi says she loves her job.

‘Fairytale’ win for first British jockey to race in a hijab

'There's quite a stereotype around Muslim girls and them 'not being able to follow their sporting passions and dreams',' she says.

Quebec to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols

Critics say the controversial move targets Muslim women who wear hijabs or other head coverings.

New Zealand women face praise and protests for donning the hijab

Campaign to show solidarity with Muslims panned by activists in Malaysia and Iran.

Tanda solidariti… Wanita New Zealand tidak kira agama berhijab

Semua wanita di New Zealand berhijab sebagai memberi penghormatan terakhir kepada 50 mangsa terkorban

Penampilan Luna Maya berhijab kembali dari Umrah tarik perhatian

Peminat Luna Maya terus mendoakan penghijrahannya berhijab terus kekal

Persembahan 4 gadis berhijab dari Malaysia terima ‘standing ovation’ di Asia’s...

4 gadis dari Malaysia berjaya memukau juri Asia’s Got Talent dengan persembahan lagu Bad Romance

Regional ‘burqa ban’ up for vote in Switzerland

Switzerland's government last year opposed an initiative aimed at creating a nationwide burqa ban, saying it should be up to the regions to determine if such measures are appropriate.

Celebrity entrepreneurs call for stringent enforcement against fake goods

Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor and Vivy Sofinas Yusof say imitation products of low quality sold in the market hurt the genuine local producers.

Shirin Ebadi di Masjid Negara

Shirin seorang Muslim yang baik. Akan tetapi, beliau anggota sebuah mazhab yang mempercayai tafsiran Islam dan hak asasi manusia sama sekali tidak bertentangan.

Shahrizat: Trend in condemning people on social media worrisome

Wanita Umno chief says this culture of insulting women has to be curtailed as nobody is free of mistakes.

New York to pay Muslim women forced to remove hijabs

Citing violation of religious rights, the women sued the city and the New York Police Department.

Hotel bodies sign pledge to end no-tudung policy

Three associations today signed an undertaking not to set any policy prohibiting employees from wearing headscarves.

Iran’s hijab protests cap years of evolution

Activists believe the hijab masks a deep-seated patriarchy, anachronistic to many girls it supposedly benefits.

Iran arrests 29 women as headscarf protests intensify

Women have increasingly flouted the Islamic republic's clothing rules in recent years and often let their headscarves fall around their necks.

Hijabs held aloft as Iranian women protest compulsory cover-up

Activist says women across Iran are 'fed up' and continue to protest against 'the interference of religion in our personal lives'.

AirAsia to have all-male crew for Aceh flights

Budget airline says move will help avoid flouting new regulation by Aceh authorities for Muslim female flight attendants to wear hijab upon arrival.

Bekas PM Australia bidas kerajaannya taja pameran tudung di Malaysia

Tony Abott berkata langkah menaja pameran itu menunjukkan pengkhianatan terhadap 'nilai arus utama rakyat Australia'.

Muslim activist says Marina silent on right to wear hijab

Rafidah Hanim Mokhtar says the eldest daughter of Dr Mahathir Mohamad is selective when speaking out on Muslim women's rights.

Toronto police say hijab attack on girl never happened

The police statement gave no indication as to what motivated Kwawlah Noman's claim.

Hotel tudung ban now extends to cleaners, kitchen workers, says group

Wafiq says nothing has changed in a 5-star hotel since the tudung ban controversy last November.

Re-look airlines’ business concept, not just headscarf policy

National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia asks how crew members wearing headscarves would serve alcohol if the airline in question does not have an alcohol-free policy.