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Army: Suspected Bangladesh plane hijacker shot dead

The suspect, described by officials as a 25-year-old Bangladeshi man, has been shot as special forces rushed the plane after it landed safely in Chittagong.

Biman Bangladesh flight makes emergency landing after passenger acts suspiciously

The airline's general manager says all 142 passengers have come out from the aircraft safely.

MH370: Man who made ‘mystery’ calls was Captain Zaharie’s cousin

Zulhaimi Wahidin says he made a normal call weeks before the plane disappeared as he was close to Zaharie, and three calls on the morning the plane disappeared because he was concerned.

Five killed in China as hijacked bus crashes into pedestrians

The hijacker had reportedly attacked a female passenger before taking control of the bus.

Man who tried to hijack Malaysian plane jailed 12 years in...

Manodh Marks, who had rushed to the cockpit claiming to have a bomb, is the first person in Australia to be convicted of attempting to take control of an aircraft.

Malaysian maritime agency storms hijacked Thai tanker

Ten pirates were arrested as they attempted to hijack a tanker transporting RM7 million worth of diesel.

Malay traders claim racial bias in MBPP enforcement

A trader says popular Chinese street fare such as the ones in Macalister Road appear to operate in an 'enforcement-free' cloak for many years.

City council denies racism after Penang lorry hijack

Penang city council says eatery near Gurney Drive was operating illegally on government reserve land and had been raided three times before.

‘Dr M, Muhyiddin did not hijack Bersih 5’

Kuala Terengganu MP claims the Bersih 5 campaign was conducted over seven weeks and this was not a one-day affair.

Oil tanker with RM1.57m diesel hijacked

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Authority say vessel with 900,000 litres of diesel likely to be in Batam waters.

MT Okim Harmony: M’sia requests to extradite hijackers

Vietnamese PM prepared to consider request.