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Tag: History

Leisurely, lovely and lush Lisbon

Lisbon has done a good job in preserving the character of its historic centre.

From Hitler to Michael Jackson, unlikely names for Nobel Peace Prize

History tells that it is not difficult to be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.

How are modern dogs descended from ancient wolves?

The story of the domestic dog started millennia ago when some wolves grew more docile around humans.

Once Upon a Time in Malaysia: A local tale of daring...

After 20 years of writing, Dr Davendralingam Sinniah has finally completed his novel inspired by Malaysian history.

Story of Mahathir’s life comes up tops for Selangor team

They triumph at a national story-telling competition, with Pahang and Johor as runners-up

Syed Husin laments the narrowing of once-progressive PAS

During the time of Burhanuddin al-Helmy, PAS was fired by nationalism and social fairness to all, says sociologist.

Churches in Malaysia of historical and architectural appeal

Some of the oldest and most famous churches are in Melaka. In 1618 there were 7,400 Christians there with 14 churches and two chapels.

Mooncakes: Offerings, secret messages or just tasty pastry?

Often associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are a few myths and legends about how these petite cakes came to be.

Understanding the Sunni-Shia issue

Although it was common to see violence between adherents of the two denominations, Sunnis and Shias in some countries have lived peacefully together for centuries.

Penang marks 100 years of quenching thirsts from a window

Five generations of the Seeni Rawther family have been serving a distinctive sherbet of syrup and coconut.

Poland criticises Russia’s ‘imperialist tendencies’

Poland’s president did not mention Russia specifically but called out Moscow’s military actions against Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014.

Villagers stay strong, vow to rebuild Sungai Lembing

The row of wooden shophouses and single-storey terrace houses destroyed in a fire on Saturday was a symbol of the village and drew visitors, says Yong Siew Meng.

Paris marks 75 years since liberation with Freedom Parade

Parisians put up a spectacular 'Freedom Parade' to celebrate the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation during World War 2.

‘Ketuanan’ mentality must go, says cultural activist

Eddin Khoo says a conflict of identity and political beliefs gets in the way of nation-building.

Lessons learned from Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is proof that the greatest change occurs from the smallest decision and action.

Historical European Martial Art fights its way into Malaysia

The combat skills of the European knights of old live on in Zwaardkring Malaysia, a Historical European Martial Arts group.

Brazil-born Elkeson included in China squad in landmark move

Elkeson is set to be the first player without Chinese heritage to represent China.

7 World War II movies to watch this ‘Victory over Japan...

From Malaysia to Korea, every country has a story about the Second World War.

First female referee to officiate Super Cup not afraid of intense...

Stephanie Frappart says its time female referees show they are as good as the men.

The day Hemingway liberated the Ritz bar in Paris

Ernest Hemingway turned up at the Ritz in Paris and burst into the hotel and announced that he had come to personally liberate it and its bar.

Hidden mysteries lie in wait inside Kenya’s fossil treasury

The backlog at Kenya’s fossil treasury is so big it means there are plenty of unearthed discoveries that have not been identified yet.

World Cat Day: When, how and why cats enslaved humanity

This World Cat Day, hug a cat and remember that it still retains the same nature of its historical ancestors.

Qixi Festival: A celebration of love bridging the universe

If you too missed out on February’s Valentine’s celebration, you still have the chance to make up for this on Qixi today.

Century-old fire station goes back to its old look

Fire and Rescue Department staff take the initiative to restore the signage in accordance with heritage zone plans.