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Travelling quirks of Malaysians

Almost half of Malaysians can’t break free from work during holidays.

Major highways congested as Raya holidays end

Highway authority asks East Coast Expressway users to take an alternative route.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is on Wednesday

Keeper of the Rulers' Seal makes the announcement on national television.

6 cool budget travel apps to check out

Want to maximise the cost efficiency of your holiday abroad? Here are some of the most fascinating apps from the Apple Apps Store and Google Play.

How to book the right cruise in 2019

Determining a few simple points will help decide whether a family-friendly holiday, a culinary journey, or destination-based cruise is right for you.

10 things to do during long holiday getaways

When long holidays come a-calling, you know what you have to do - jump into that car and take off on a series of unforgettable experiences.

New tourism taxes have made holidays to Barbados more expensive

As of July 1, tourists were hit with a new hotel tax depending on the class of accommodation.

Extended Raya break disrupts palm oil harvest, mills

In Indonesia, a two-week break has led to a backlog of farmers trying to sell their fruit, while in Malaysia, many workers have yet to return from Indonesia.

Mahathir’s stinging appraisal of work ethics among Malays

He says a country can only progress if their people work hard, but that's not the case in Malaysia.

Christmas toll discounts on KL-Karak, LPT 1 expressways

Road users are reminded to check their Touch 'n Go cards before travelling as both highways have fully implemented the electronic toll collection system.

How to survive Christmas with hypnosis

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis is offering clinical hypnosis sessions at only RM50* throughout the holiday period to help you de-stress during the holidays.

Mavcom to monitor air fares during peak periods

Deputy Transport Minister Ab Aziz Kaprawi says the commission will also take appropriate action to ensure that air fares remain reasonable.

Highways congested as thousands return home after long holidays

Volume of traffic is expected to increase despite tomorrow being declared a public holiday.

Slow traffic along North-South Expressway as holidays end

Traffic flow as of 10pm was congested along the North South Expressway from Kuala Kangsar to Bukit Berapit and from Bukit Berapit to the Menora Tunnel.

Police on high alert during holiday period

Entertainment outlets, houses of worship, embassies and consulates to be put under extra surveillance, says Special Branch.

Archived: Cuti-cuti Malaysia, with rubbish everywhere

With the weakening economy and projected bearish outlook ahead, we should focus on strengthening ourselves and not on defending ourselves politically against criticisms

Archived: Dogs bring cheer to airline passengers

Travellers get an unexpected surprise that helps ease the stress of travelling and calm frazzled nerves.

Archived: Junior Jokers: Turning kids into comedians

Think your kid has what it takes to make people laugh? Let them find out at PJLA's Junior Jokers this coming holidays.

Archived: The very best of the Bard

Fan or not, don’t miss any of the Shakespeare celebrations in the UK this year.

Archived: Ahoy, there! Have a nice stay

Hotels that boast their own boats

Archived: A short stay in Paradise

How to spend 48 hours in Honolulu.

Archived: Find your away in Daylesford

Just an hour outside of Melbourne, this laidback lakeside community is an unexpected find.

Archived: Jog around the clock

Hotels that go the distance

Plastic fantastic

Hotel key cards that do more than just open room doors.