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Tag: Holocaust

Freedom of speech: one for Jews, another for Muslims

Those kicking up a fuss about Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at Columbia University are no more than intimidating groups with a false sense of morality.

Anti-Jewish hate consuming Europe and America, says French Nazi hunter

Serge Klarsfeld, who spent decades working to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, is worried about the future of Europe.

German police probe anti-Semitic tweet against Israeli footballer

The 31-year-old Israeli captain for FC Ingolstadt was told to disappear into 'the chamber' referring to the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Teaching the Holocaust to ‘new Swedes’

As Sweden fears of growing anti-Semitic sentiment within its borders, efforts are undertaken by community leaders and educators to teach young migrants about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Poland pulls out of Israel summit in row over WW2 role

The diplomatic spat between Poland and Israel is escalating because of the reported remarks by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday suggesting Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

Polish officials may cancel trip to Israel over diplomatic spat

Dworczyk noted what he described as a 'disgraceful' new statement by the Israeli foreign minister's department.

Germany’s Merkel calls for “zero tolerance” of anti-Semitism, hate

Merkel says it is everyone's responsibility to ensure "zero tolerance" of xenophobia and all forms of anti-Semitism.

Grilled by BBC, Dr M stands by criticism of Israel

The prime minister also stands by a comment he once made describing the Jews as 'hook-nosed'.

Act against ‘any whiff’ of resurgent anti-Semitism, pope says

Francis was using the anniversary of the wartime liquidation of a ghetto in Vilnius to make a broader appeal beyond Lithuania.

Philippines’ Duterte says ‘never again’ at Israel’s Holocaust memorial

Duterte is paying an official four-day visit to Israel, the first by a Philippines president, and officials on both sides have tried to play down his record of jarring invective.

In Israel visit, Philippines’ Duterte dogged by past rhetoric

Israel sees the tour by Duterte and his top ministers as a chance to thank Manila for taking in Jews during the Holocaust and backing the Israeli independence campaign.

Netanyahu warns Jews still under threat

The Israeli leader identified what he termed new existential threats facing the Jews, with Iran and the Islamist movement Hamas.

Facebook CEO walks back defence of Holocaust deniers

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg walked back comments that appeared to defend Holocaust deniers.

Poland softens Holocaust law that sparked international fury

Lawmakers passed an amendment on Wednesday to eliminate the prospect of jail time for convicted offenders and President Andrzej Duda has already signed it into law.

How Communist Poland battled Lanzmann’s ‘Shoah’

When "Shoah" was first released in 1985, Communist Polish authorities vehemently opposed it.

Poland to amend controversial Holocaust law

The main aim of the legislation was to prevent people from erroneously describing Nazi German death camps in Poland, such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, as Polish.

Britain’s Prince William starts Israel visit by honouring Holocaust victims

The prince also met two men who survived the Nazi genocide through British intervention.

Sweden urges Holocaust memorial visits to tackle anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic sentiments and neo-Nazi activities have been increasing in Sweden.

Hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary: corny jokes and sex ed

Anne Frank once taped over two pages in her diary with brown sticky paper, leaving a small puzzle as to what material the Jewish teenager, who had no idea of how famous her diary would later become, wanted to exclude.

Israel comes to a halt to remember Holocaust victims

Israel honoured the memories of the victims of the Holocaust by observing two minutes of complete silence.

New York judge awards Nazi-looted artworks to Holocaust victim’s heirs

Two paintings by Egon Schiele will be turned over to descendants of Fritz Grünbaum.

Holocaust denier becomes Republican candidate for US Congress

A Holocaust-denying white supremacist has become the Republican party nominee for a US Congressional seat representing portions of Chicago and neighboring suburbs.

Convicted ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ dies aged 96

Former Nazi Oskar Gröning had worked as an accountant in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

First Poland Holocaust law complaint targets Argentina paper

The Polish League Against Defamation accuses the newspaper, Pagina 12 and its journalist of wanting to harm Poland and the 'good reputation of Polish soldiers'.