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5 lies home-based biz owners must stop believing

By mastering the finances, home-based business owners can positively build the next big thing in their garage, extra room, or basement.

Affordability versus accessibility: Understand the difference

No down payment, bank mortgages or high rental rates doesn't make owning a property more affordable, just more accessible. And this is not a good thing.

4 reasons to deep clean your home

A clean home environment is less stressful and leaves you feeling great.

4 reasons to consider pest control in your homes

Professional pest control services have trained technicians that understand where to treat and how to handle infestations.

Making your home senior-friendly

Remember that accidents can happen in the home due to clumsiness or when they let their guard down at potential household hazards.

Home sharing for the elderly a more viable alternative

Besides combatting loneliness, sharing a home means being part of a community and helping keep each other safe.

Cops deny barging into home of Haziq’s dad in Kuching

District police chief Awang Din Awang Gani says the investigations followed standard operating procedures.

10 fun and unique work-from-home biz ideas

From henna designing, to gourmet pet food services and gift basket arranging, there are interesting ways to earn a living if you put your mind to it.

UN study: Home ‘most dangerous place’ for women

A new UN study shows more than half the women who were murdered worldwide last year were killed by their partners or family members.

Would higher incomes mean more unsold units get cleared?

If the income of Malaysians are higher today, the number of properties unsold and completed should be on the decline. If this is the case, should demand also be picking up?

A 100 sq ft home? It’s possible in Hong Kong

Stackable, retro-fitted water pipe tube homes called O-Pods may just be the solution to rising property costs, especially in markets like Hong Kong.

Yemeni teacher turns his home into school for 700 students

Al-Shorbagy opened the school following the outbreak of war saying he had nowhere to send his own children. However, 500 boys and girls aged between six and 15 signed up for lessons in that first year.

22 things to do at home instead of spending money outside

From cleaning out your closet to experimenting with hair and makeup, there are also books to read, home-brewed tea to savour and getting a workout at the gym downstairs.

Chong Wei to return home tomorrow from Taiwan

The badminton ace had been undergoing medical treatment for early stage nose cancer.

Worst still not over, say real estate players

Experts disagrees with a suggestion that buyers are returning.

New National Housing Policy by year-end

This will simplify legislation and the borrowing process to help people own homes.

What a loss to the nation when scholarship holders can’t get...

It's almost scary to see graduation photos of smiling Malaysian students when those who graduated years earlier are still struggling to secure jobs despite almost reaching their thirties.

Serena Williams not at home when drug tester arrived for surprise...

Williams, 36, is one of many athletes in the international testing pool who is required by USADA to let the agency know her whereabouts for a one-hour period of her choosing every day, even when not competing.

Reality bites when you want to buy a house, says expert

Consumer group says public must discard mentality that renting is inferior to buying a piece of property.

Arsenal mark Wenger’s final home game with 5-0 thrashing of Burnley

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger signed off in style as they thrashed Burnley 5-0 in his last Premier League home game on Sunday with the kind of dominant performance he would have wanted after 22 years in charge.

Israel demolishes home of Palestinian accused of killing settler

Ahmed Qunba's home in Jenin was demolished for his involvement in the killing of Raziel Shevah in January.

Going to the polls won’t change anything, say young voters

A random check with young voters shows some will not be returning to vote as they feel that it is better to depend on themselves than on politicians.

Dr M: 500,000 voters in S’pore may have problem returning to...

The opposition leader says it is unusual to have voting on a working day and those working abroad will find it difficult to return home to vote.

Family feud over Lee Kuan Yew property may be far from...

Siblings criticise report published by a committee on Monday which says a future government should make final decision about the home's use.