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Lower threshold for foreign home buyers open to abuse, warns CAP

The Consumers Association of Penang says it is concerned undesirable people may launder their ill-gotten gains in Malaysian properties.

Stamp duty exemption for first-home buyers extended 6 months till year...

This follows an appeal by housing developers and the housing and local government ministry.

Mah Sing aims for RM1.5 bil sales in 2019, on lookout...

It welcomes any move by the government to unlock value in government-linked land to build affordable homes.

Better policies needed so more can own homes

JPPH has proposed that a committee monitor the cost of development components to see how housing prices can be made more affordable in the country.

Ease loan rules to overcome housing glut, says Penang housing developers...

Penang Rehda says housing glut reminiscent of 1999 property bubble.

Singapore’s new ‘ground breaking’ city

Train lines, retail outlets, pedestrian walkways and even a five-lane highway and air-conditioning cooling pipes are already underground in Singapore.

Toyota wants to put a robot in every home and make...

Toyota has been experimenting with robots since at least 2004, when it unveiled a trumpet-playing humanoid.

The famous home rental company may build homes too

Airbnb now has a new product called 'Backyard' that provides people with prototypes of different styles of pre-fabricated homes.

Jagdeep moots federal ‘housing tax’ to build affordable homes

Penang exco man says UK and other European countries have successfully carried out this scheme.

Unsold homes still growing by the number – need we worry?

Overall, the property market is doing fine and there are still no indicators of an impending property bubble burst.

Najib: House cost not determined by raw materials alone

Former prime minister Najib Razak criticises Putrajaya's threat to revoke SST exemptions for building materials if the price of houses do not come down.

British PM May to unveil new levy on foreign home buyers

May says she dedicated her premiership to restoring the British Dream and that means fixing Britain's broken housing market.

Israel to build new settler homes after deadly knife attack, minister...

Israel is to build hundreds of new homes in a settlement in the occupied West Bank where a Palestinian stabbed three Israelis.

Penang govt to review charges imposed on property developers

This is to help bring down the price of houses.

Hong Kong to charge additional rates on unsold primary homes

Cooling measures already rolled out by the government have failed to prevent Hong Kong from becoming one of the world’s least affordable markets for residential property

Housing issue: We were not set up to give loans, says...

It says it is structured towards investment and fund management, while its mandate is to provide a safe place to invest and grow its members' savings for retirement.

From Malaysia to Myanmar, social ventures build homes and safe spaces

With the help of residents and volunteers, Epic Homes builds houses for the Orang Asli community, with contributions from donors and corporate clients.

Jagdeep: Penang deserves more federal housing

The executive councillor says this is because the state is the top income tax contributor in the country.

Let EPF finance members’ home purchase, urges association

The National House Buyers Association says this could overcome the problem of house buyers being unable to get bank loans or forcing banks to relax lending guidelines.

Easier home loans not solution to housing woes, say experts

National House Buyers Association says forcing banks to relax lending criteria is a recipe for disaster

California becomes first US state to require solar on new homes

The state has pledged to get 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Maximum price of affordable home should be RM282,000, says BNM

The central bank says housing developers' definition of 'affordable homes' as those priced between EM300,000 to RM500,000 is inaccurate.

Guan Eng, Teng lock horns over traffic, housing issues

The Penang chief minister claims BN has no solution to problems while Penang BN chairman says this is all due to a lack of well-thought-out plans to implement all initiatives they had promised.

Mob burns homes in fresh India caste violence

Once dismissed as "untouchables", Dalits make up 200 million of India's 1.25 billion population and are at the bottom of the caste hierarchy.